So this is a news story I stumbled across forever ago that I meant to kind of rant about and somehow it just kind of got lost in my giant, ever shifting, to-do stack. The main thrust is that despite Ray Bradbury’s dislike of technology and the e-book format, his iconic book “”Fahrenheit 451″ has been published in the format. Click on in as I go on a bit of a tear about publishing companies, Ray Bradbury, and perhaps setting a Kindle on Fire….

Paulina Cassidy’s “Joie de Vivre Tarot” gets me to stop over-thinking the tarot and instead brings a flood of joy. You can opt to not read this post, if you don’t need any additional joy or whimsy in your life.

How a lucky impulse buy at a used book store introduced me to the delightful world of cartoonist Tsai Chih Chung, and his takes on the Chinese classics.

Back on January 15, 2012 Dawn Hunt had a book signing for her great cookbook “Tastes From the Temple” at Muse Gifts & Books. That meant one wonderful thing, it was back to Marlborough, NH! Click on in for cookbook shopping, tie wearing phrenology heads, vegetarian Reubens, and more!

Sweden has a shiny new religion!

Apparently I have very strong feelings about the appearance of a fictional character. Maybe you have an opinion too. Click on in, there are lots of pretty pictures of ladies in fishnet stockings, and yet, we’ll be debating black top hats.

Sometimes it may take a while for a review to make it to The Magical Buffet, but thanks to the cold weather I finally got around to sharing this great deck with you guys! “The Secret Language of Birds Tarot” by Adele Nozedar and Linda Sutton is an amazing thing, not to be missed! So don’t miss it! Click in already!

It’s my pleasure to offer Shakti Gawain’s excerpt “Trusting Intuition” from the 25th Anniversary Edition of her book “Living in the Light”!

Hidden water pools, Tron ice suites, carved book landscapes, a survey about the use of symbolism in writing gets results from some impressive folks, and more in the latest “Geek Month in Review” from JB Sanders!

Author Sandra Kynes shares her experience with the evolution of one year’s new year’s resolution.