How reading “Phantom Armies of the Night” by Claude Lecouteux inspired me to create my own feast for the Good Women.

Join us for 10 questions with Kitchen Witch Dawn Hunt! Today we’re talking about the new cookbook “Tastes from the Temple” that she did with the Temple of Witchcraft. So bring your appetite and click on in!

Learn about a lovely new addition to the divinatory/oracle landscape, “Tokens of Light”, created by Orna Ben-Shoshan, the talented artist behind the “King Solomon Oracle Cards”.

Come celebrate the miracle of oil, oddly with a post about not really using a whole lot of oil. Hmmmm……didn’t think this one through at all, did I?

Bob Makransky of the Magical Almanac Ezine suspects you’re not happy, and guess what? Thinks you should stop trying to think happy thoughts and maybe, just maybe, you should try out being okay with not being happy. Just in time for the feel good holiday season….

It’s that hopefully exciting time of the year again when I give the rundown on some of my favorite things of the past year! This year I take on Oprah, do a video interview with the Mystic Pyramid, and even manage to talk a little bit about some of my favorite things of 2011!

I know it will sound like the start of some sort of silly advertisement, but when I first pulled my copy of “Meditation: The Complete Guide” out of the envelope from New World Library I found myself thinking, “Complete guide? We’ll see about that.” Well consider me soundly put in my place. Click on in to see why!

John Matthews and Caitlin Matthews wrote a book years ago titled “The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas”. How many years ago? The book was a 1998 Benjamin Franklin Award winner! I’m happy to say that thanks to the great folks at Quest Books I’m able to share a wonderful piece from that book about “Old Sir Christmas”. Enjoy!

288,000 jelly beans, giant robotic snakes, the new old Polaroid, and more is to found in the latest “Geek Month in Review” from JB Sanders!

Not really “feeling it” this holiday season? Tired of hearing the same old Christmas music wherever you go? Worry not. Writer Marcy Lovitch shares a plethora of wintry and non-denominational treasures that you haven’t heard a million times on Muzac at the mall.