The Beauty of Tarot Leaves

I recently became aware of Schiffer Publishing when they contacted me about reviewing “Wicca? What’s the Real Deal?”. I was surprised to learn that they also publish tarot decks and so I jumped at the opportunity to see what kinds of decks their company published. In response to my interest I was sent “Tarot Leaves” by Beth Seilonen.

Seilonen combines her love of tarot symbolism with the leaves of the trees she is accustomed to seeing growing up and currently residing in Maine. The deck follows the traditional Major and Minor Arcana, but they are presented through the prism of nature. The author shares, “The beauty of life is reflected within the leaves through the color, symbols, and imagery which overlaps with the veins of the leaf, much like that of a palm of a hand to a palmist; that which is most relevant at the time is revealed to the querant.” Of course you want to know what everyone really wants to know about a tarot deck, what is the art like? I found many of the cards quite striking and have a few favorites here to share.

Nine of Wands

I should also note, since I’ve never seen a tarot deck published by Schiffer before that the quality of the product is amazing. The cards are beautifully produced on sturdy card stock, the deck and accompanying book come in a hard cardboard laminated box that has a lid that lifts up and is closed firmly by a magnet, and the book that comes with it has the same dimensions as the cards (so it fits in the box)but instead of just being paper it has a sturdy, full color, card stock front and back cover. Each card is given its own page in the book and Seilonen also offers suggestions for card spreads that she finds work well with the “Tarot Leaves” deck. The suggested retail price for the deck is $24.99.

“Tarot Leaves” is a wonderful deck filled with beauty and whimsy. It would make a fine addition to anyone’s collection of tarot decks, but it’s perfectly suited for tarot readers and enthusiasts looking for a deck that reflects the natural world as much as the spiritual world.