An update on health issues and The Magical Buffet, getting shanked, and becoming a functional alcoholic.

My recent trip to Canada was an American rum lover’s dream!

It’s hard to believe, but I met Deborah Blake virtually all the way back in September of 2008 when I interviewed her in anticipation of her book “Everyday Witch A to Z”. The rest as they say, is history.

Of course as time passed I learned that the real creative spirit, the person behind the celebrity that is “Deborah Blake”, is actually her cat Magic. After careful negotiations I’m proud to say that I’m finally able to bring you an interview with a fantastic author, and the real celebrity. That’s right, I give you 10 questions with Magic the Cat: Queen of the Universe. We talk about what it’s like to be the cat behind the celebrity and the next few books she has in the works.

Anyone who has read The Magical Buffet for a while knows that I love food and drink. When the opportunity presents itself to review a book that could potentially give me ideas of new things to eat or drink, I always go for it. And that is why I was thrilled that Llewellyn Worldwide sent me a copy of “Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners: Your Fortune in a Tea Cup” by Caroline Dow for me to take a look at.

Guess what folks? It has been one year of the “Geek Month in Review”! I’m so pleased that at least once a month there is a place for comics, science, games, technology, and other geeky things to live here on The Magical Buffet. And if the comments and website views are to be believed, many of you have been amused by this now one year old tradition here on the site too. Sure, I poke fun at the volume of 3D printer or Doctor Who stories John opts to include most months, but at the end of the day…I knew a whole heck of a lot about 3D printers before they showed up on The Colbert Report….and doesn’t everyone love Doctor Who?

So happy birthday to the “Geek Month in Review”!

3D printing chocolate and cars, an illegal tour of abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, a new “Evil Dead” movie, and “one of the most geeky things in all Geekdom”?! You’ll have to click on in to find out more!