Join us for 10 questions with Paul Bartholomew, author of “Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England”, as we talk about Bigfoot, New York state’s cryptozoological heritage, and Bigfoot/Sasquatch in film and television.

In my experience “deluxe” versions of albums are generally lacking in deluxe-ness. Click on in to see a shining example of a wonderfully, delightfully, deluxe “deluxe” album!

Not too long ago I received a review copy of “The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agendas of Genies” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno. I really enjoyed the book and set about trying to verbalize what the book was about and why it was a worthy read. The problem was, my mind kept wandering back to the introduction written by Philip J. Imbrogno. It was just so good at explaining the book, and it did so in such a way that I couldn’t wait to get into reading the book itself. On a whim I contacted Llewellyn, the publisher of “The Vengeful Djinn” about being able to publish Imbrogno’s introduction on The Magical Buffet for my readers, and much to my delight they said yes.

So without further ado, Philip J. Imbrogno’s introduction from “The Vengeful Djinn”!

10 questions with Clinton J. Boomer about gaming, rum, and his book “The Hole Behind Midnight”, a “darkly-comic, postmodern urban-fantasy crime/mystery noir/pulp tale-of-suspense-and-magic-and-cursing, a rollicking thrill-ride full of nudity, violence, foul language, forgotten gods, a world-ending conspiracy, gunfights, cigarette smoking and one-liners, torture scenes and haunted car chases, an ex-girlfriend and on more than one occasion, a demon clown from Dimension Q with a thing for stabbing people in the throat.” Trust me, you want to read this interview.

I take a thoughtful argument in favor of the giant squid becoming the mascot for the marine conservation movement and turn it into pirates versus hippies. Man, I am not helpful.

Hand lotion, infused olive oil, Journey to Destiny workshop, and even an interview with yours truly.

First of all, relax, there is at least a Doctor Who reference this month. There’s also Muppets and Fraggles playing Firefly, a little Lord of the Rings in Lego, Kathy Griffin hanging out with Anderson Cooper and Gloria Steinem, the imagination impaired homo erectus, and more!

What was the first ever Lake George Paranormal Expo like? And more importantly, did anyone attend my presentation? For answers to questions like these and more, click on in!

After 10 years “Pop Up Video” is returning to VH1. To celebrate, we have this very special “Pop Up” blog post about it.