That’s right folks, an opera about Dr. John Dee. Click on in already!

A book about the concepts behind rebels and devils, featuring the writings of a bunch of rebels and devils.

Brian Leighton, head of the Tech Council for the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society, talks a little bit about the work of a paranormal investigator and we both talk about the upcoming Lake George Paranormal Expo.

TempleFest 2011 was a fun and exhausting day. Writing about it was also fun, and exhausting. Brace yourself for the play by play of my day at TempleFest!

Cindy Chaney shares her personal reflections on how September 11th not only created war externally, but within herself as well.

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Look no further!

Did you know that Alferian Gwydion MacLir was the very first interviewee for The Magical Buffet? That’s right, almost 5 years ago he took the time to talk about being a Druid to a totally unknown website. What a nice guy! That’s why I’m thrilled to have him back on the website to talk poetry, Druidry, and his upcoming book “Wandlore: The Art of Crafting the Ultimate Magical Tool”.

It’s that time again kids, and JB Sanders didn’t disappoint! Behold, a “Geek Month in Review” with no Dr. Who or 3D printers! What’s left you may ask. Plenty. We’ve got bionic hands, the weather in Mordor, robots developing their own language, zombies, and more!

Have you ever found yourself in a magical rut? Melanie Marquis, author of “The Witch’s Bag of Tricks”, is here to offers a few tips for those of you experiencing magical burn out.

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University has announced their 2nd Annual Pluralism Project Photo Contest. I’m sharing their press release because I think this is an excellent opportunity for many of the wonderful individuals and organizations that The Magical Buffet has worked with to come out and mingle with other communities. Albeit virtual mingling, through photos. Feh! The folks over at The Pluralism Project are doing some great work and I want to give my readers the opportunity to be a part of it! Click on in for details.

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