At the end of January this year I started publishing a fiction serial by Greg Bullard called “Immortal Blues”. It was published every other Sunday with it just concluding on May 15th. I thought it would be nice, and convenient if I did a quick post that featured the links to each of the nine installments so you could easily just click your way through the series. However then I thought it might be fun to ask the author to share a few thoughts about “Immortal Blues”, and he did!

At London’s Victoria Station a voluptuous angel fell from the sky and interacted with unsuspecting humans. Needless to say, it created quite a reaction. However, the angel in question didn’t actually fall from the sky; she leapt out of someone’s laptop.

Let’s see. Me reminding everyone about all the freakin’ letters I’ve written about Zimbabwe. I get a little sentimental over a comment, that I think I was supposed to be irked by. I get bitter. I call in The Daily Show for an assist. Oh, and I share a tiny sliver of good news that I’m calling a win.

I attempt to pay tribute to Bronwen Forbes the best I can by reviewing her latest, and last, book “The Small Town Pagan’s Survival Guide: How to Thrive in Any Community”.

Better late than never! Due to some calendar stuff the Geek Month in Review is a little later than I normally like to publish it, but alas, better late than never. JB Sanders has got the almost required standards at this point of Dr. Who and 3D printers, but there are also Legos, robots, zombies, and more!

It’s all right there in the title; magic, prophecy and geopolitics in Asia. And brace yourself folks, because it’s all true!

Welcome to the ninth and final installment in the fiction series “Immortal Blues” by Greg Bullard.

As promised, here are 10 questions with Megan Don, author of “Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred’. We talk Teresa of Avila (of course!), pilgrimages, Clare of Assisi, and it just wouldn’t be an article on The Buffet if rum didn’t get mentioned at least once!

Megan Don, author of “Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred”, shares her reflections on Teresa of Avila and what we can learn from her today.

Revolution. Rebellion. Rap music. Public Enemy must be so proud.

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