My bottle of Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve Aged 15 Years has always been a great source of pride, but for awhile it was also a source of shame. See how I kicked shame to the curb and made the finest Rum and Coke of my life.

This is mostly a review written about how I can’t write a review. Exciting, no? Go ahead and click on in, there are pretty pictures to look at!

Click on in for this pop culture flooded review of Britney Spears’ new album “Femme Fatale”. What was intended to be a straight forward music review ended up evoking a huge cast of characters, such as Madonna, Robyn, Paula Abdul, Lady Gaga, Vigilant Citizen, Rihanna, and even Goldie Hawn! I don’t know what happened, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the results!

It took me a while to get around to writing a review for “Decoding the Enochian Secrets: God’s Most Holy Book to Mankind as Received by Dr. John Dee from Angelic Messengers” by John DeSalvo, Ph.D. Mainly because by just reading the cover I was going to be thrilled to add this book to my collection. Click on in to see why!

Welcome to part seven of the nine part fiction series “Immortal Blues” by Greg Bullard. Aine Marina hangs around long enough to create more questions than answered and again, shots are fired.

At long last! Yes fans of all things rum, I have FINALLY tried the rum cake recipe from Deborah Blake’s book “Witchcraft on a Shoestring”! Let the celebrations commence!

I hate to say it, but you could probably call this “a very special post” from The Magical Buffet. There are a lot of congratulations and thankfulness inside, and hopefully some of you will be able to show one very remarkable woman some additional love.

Click on in for 10 questions with Emily Carlin, the Grey School of Wizardry’s Dean of Dark Arts and author of the new book “Defense Against the Dark: A Field Guide to Protecting Yourself From Predatory Spirits, Energy Vampires, and Malevolent Magick”. We talk Harry Potter, war water, paranormal investigations, and more!

First off, yes there is Doctor Who again, and yes, it’s totally my fault. But don’t let that dissuade you dear readers for JB Sanders offers up spiders, “Seedboms”, Atlantis, a crazy universe where Dr. Suess wrote “Star Wars’, and with a tip of the hat to the character Hyde from “That’s 70’s Show”, a car that runs on water. On water man!

Welcome to part six of the nine part fiction series “Immortal Blues” by Greg Bullard. We say good-bye to The Crone, Isabella, and hello to a frenemy from the past.