Another month, another update. Did I accomplish anything? Was February an utter fail? There is only one way to find out!

Do you know about naipes cards? How about Septrionism? Anything about Peru? You’re probably going to want to read this review, click on in already!

That’s right, I saw Flogging Molly live at their sold out show at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY. Click on in for a glimpse at the 7th Annual Green 17 Tour!

Welcome to part three of the nine part fiction series “Immortal Blues” by Greg Bullard. Returning to the scene of the crime offers few new insights aside from the fact that our killer means business.

In an attempt to not get flagged by every spam filter known to man I decided to call this post “Steamed Sponge Cake Pudding with Raisins” when there is really a better, more accurate, and funnier title out there on the horizon. Let’s just say, that this British sponge cake pudding is now called Spotted Richard by those who don’t wish to offend. That’s right, a chance encounter at a grocery store led me to have in my possession Spotted, cough, cough, “Richard” in a can! Better still, microwaveable! Oh, the wrongness doesn’t end there my friends….

Join us as we ask Joseph W. Zarzynski, Underwater Archaeologist and Executive Director of Bateaux Below, Inc 10 questions about sunken battleships, lake monsters, and where to eat when you’re in Lake George, NY.

Readers may remember that back in December 2009 I had horror movie aficionado Alice Kina Diehl help bring some bizarre holiday cheer to The Magical Buffet with her article “Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Nightmare!”. Well, I asked Alice her thoughts on Valentine’s Day horror films, and again she has come through with a fun list that you won’t want to miss. Share this article with the ones you love!

Have you thought about the tongue? I’m serious, have you ever taken a moment to ponder the versatility of that thing in your mouth? I hadn’t. Which is why when I began poking around, looking for something to write about and saw tongue I thought, well that’s interesting.

Let’s see, we’ve got 3D printers, Doctor Who, 3D printers, Doctor Who, um Doctor Who, and something else about printing. The only thing missing from January was someone making a 3D print job of Doctor Who! However, there are also secret ice fortresses, the genetics of genius, tiny dioramas of weirdness, and more!

Welcome to part two of the nine part fiction series “Immortal Blues” by Greg Bullard. In part two we meet The Crone, Isabella, and her granddaughter Marisela. In search of answers do we instead get more questions?

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