Hey folks! I actually learned something this month! Click on in to hear about how a little discipline, Living Magick, and a farting I Ching trigram helped me get back on track!

I rarely do follow ups on stories we publish. I’m not certain why, but I suspect it has something to do with me being equal parts absentminded and lazy bastard. However, an invitation to my parents for dinner at our apartment presented me with a chance to follow up on an article written for The Magical Buffet by Dawn Hunt.

In the interest of not getting my latest book review caught up in spam filters, I will not be using its title here, instead I’ll use its subtitle “The Essential Ida Craddock”. How sad that even in these modern times there is still trouble trying to share Craddock’s work?

Welcome to part one of the nine part fiction series “Immortal Blues” by Greg Bullard. In our first installment there is gun fire, spanakopita, classic blues music, and eventually a decision to visit The Crone.

Vinyl, flying pigs, and magnets made a day trip to Poughkeepsie, NY truly worthwhile.

Kerr Cuhulain, Grand Master and founder of the Order of Scáthach, and author of numerous books including “Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca” and “Modern Knighthood”, shares six tips on how you too can start becoming a steward of the earth.

Tina had been a warrior of disco, but what is she to do now that the music is gone? A rare piece of fiction by Rebecca.

Join me for my interview with the band Featherscale! Four talented artists bombarding me with their wit in a text interview. What on earth was I thinking?

Greg Bullard and NewSouth Books show how people with differing points of view should behave, with intelligence, passion, and respect. Who would have thought that was still possible? Friend of The Buffet Greg Bullard shares his thoughts on the new editions of “Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn” being published without the “n word” or the “i word”.

JB Sanders is back with more links to everything geek from December 2010! Enjoy “A Very Zombie Holiday”, 2000 year-old soup, Lovecraft, aliens, Doctor Who, and more!

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