I’m not proud, but here is the update for my “Living Magick Tarot Challenge”.

Join me as I take a stroll down memory lane in Zimbabwe courtesy of Wikileaks. There will be schemes, warthogs, catty gossip, subservient men, and yes, a response to the latest letters I sent out regarding Zimbabwe! Not to ruin the surprise, but at no point was I referred to as “cheeky”.

Buffet readers from last year may remember that around the winter holidays I did “12 Days of Blogging” where I counted down my 12 favorite blogs of the year. With 2010 coming to a close I find myself again wanting to do some sort of fun, end of the year thing, but I feel like doing “12 Days of Blogging” again would be stale. I have instead decided that as a farewell salute to Oprah who is ending her freakishly long running talk show I would do “Rebecca’s Favorite Things”. There will be no cars given away, no iPads tucked under your seat, but there will be links! You’ll get a link! And you’ll get a link! Everybody gets a link!

Readers may remember that back in October I went to the wonderful Celebrate Samhain event in Peterborough, NH. While there I caught the end of Dawn Hunt’s presentation “Kitchen Witch Workshop”, and regretted not being there from the beginning. However, I started pondering what, if anything, I wanted to do to acknowledge the approaching Yule and Christmas season. Last year the totally awesome Alice Diehl wrote about holiday horror films, but sadly, I don’t think that niche has expanded enough in the passing year to address the subject matter again. Then I remembered Dawn Hunt, and the fact that I love food, and thus my cunning plan of obtaining a seasonal article and a new recipe came to fruition!

I talk to Dr. Bob Curran, author of “Man-Made Monsters: A Field Guide to Golems, Patchwork Soldiers, Homunculi, and Other Created Creatures”, about all things creature, Swamp Thing, and yes, Santa Claus.

This past October I attended the 2nd Annual Northern New York Paranormal Expo put together by the City of Plattsburgh and the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society. While there I fell in love with TOD, the adorable Terrestrial Optical Droid new to the NNYPRS. After reading my article about the event, Brian Leighton who has been writing about paranormal research technology for The Magical Buffet, jumped to the obvious conclusion that I would want a whole article devoted to TOD. He was right.

It’s that time again! JB Sanders shares all his geek news picks for last month. Check it out folks, it’s link-a-licious!

At long last, part two of my Bermuda cruise drinking adventure! This one is Rum Swizzle versus Dark and Stormy, a match up not to be missed!

Here it is, Hanukkah time again. Last year I shared with all of you my collection of menorahs, and sadly, that appears to be the last time Judaism was featured on The Magical Buffet. Fortunately this year I have something fun to share with all of you for the 2010 Hanukkah season….my little dreidel collection! And we’ll even talk about how to play!