One Sonnet Leaves

I’m pleased to say that we had a lot of participation in our “Contest of Shakespearean Proportions“! Thanks to all of you, one Buffet reader will be receiving a free copy of the book “To Be and How to Be” by Peggy Rubin thanks to our friends at Quest Books!

The Prize Thanks to Quest Books!

Without further ado, let’s congratulate our winner!

There once was a man from Nantucket
Dear, this is a sonnet, not a limerick!
But I really wished to utilize “suck it”…
Inappropriate, darling, don’t be a dick.

A dick? A dick?? A dick, you say?
Quiet now, Grandma is resting her eyes
I can’t believe my Gram would ever speak this way!
Well, dear, grannies can be vulgar too–surprise!

Alas, my heart has been torn asunder
My grandma, pure of thought, is no more
Her shining image of moral wonder
Hath been trampled, by reality, to the floor

Hush now, youngling, ‘tis all a part of growing up
Things are still as they seem, just a bit more f*cked up!

That’s right, Erica R’s f bomb dropping sonnet about growing up is the winner! Congrats Erica! A hearty round of applause everyone for both Erica and Greg for sharing such fantastic sonnets! Those two guys really classed up this joint!