Guess what? October is almost here! I know! Where the heck did the summer go? Living in the northeast, October is often ominous. Although the changing leaves are beautiful, gazing upon them instantly makes me wonder, exactly how much snow we will get this year? As someone who commutes to their job, snow is a vexing occurrence. However, there is one thing about this October that I’m very excited about….

Yep, I like noise, but I usually call it music.

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! To celebrate I’m sharing with you my personal Dark and Stormy rum cocktail recipe!

So what happened at the “A Magical Buffet of Author” events? Want to see some photos? It’s time to click on in!

That’s right folks, we have a winner! Click on in to join in congratulating our winner!

Updates on this Saturday’s “A Magical Buffet of Authors” event, saying farewell to Barbara Brenner, the search for a million minutes, skunk cabbage, and more in this action packed post of total randomness!

What I love about this is that I get to be Tina Turner in this scenerio. Check out the sonnets from the “To Be and How to Be” give away contest and cast your vote for the winner!

Retro keyboards, Lego, Chewbacca, cheeseburgers dissolving in acid, and more! JB Sanders gives us the rundown on all things geek from August 2010.

Samantha Stephenson and Scott Helland, better known as The Gypsy Nomads, take the time to answer 10 questions and discuss their “Gypsy Cabaret Folk Punk” sound.