On August 10, 2010 I saw the rap group Public Enemy live. This makes me instantly cooler than everyone who wasn’t there. It’s a fact.

For a special occasion I bust out a special ring and make peace with my grandmother’s choices in jewelry.

Shira Tarantino, our “Witch in Residence” for lack of a better title, shares her thoughts and reflections on the passing of spiritual leader Isaac Bonewits.

Join me as I use the role-playing game “Space Ninja Cyber Crisis XDO” as a link-tastic guide to our future!

Space Ninja Cyber Crisis XDO, isn’t that enough to get you to check this article out? This is part one of a two part feature I’m writing about independent role-playing games and the future. Not the future of role-playing games, the actual future. You know, the future like Thursday, when I publish part two. And everyone will definitely want to read part two, because it’s filled with some kick ass links, so you might as well check this one out for some context. Are you really still reading this rambling excerpt? Knock it off and go read the actual article!

Sometimes called Spirit Box, Phone to the Dead, or Shack Hack; the Frank’s Box is a device that comes up again and again in discussions of studying the paranormal. So what the heck is a Frank’s Box? The Northern New York Paranormal Research Society’s Tech Council gives us the low down.

I review what may possibly be the best introduction to the Western Mystery Traditions ever written. If that doesn’t get you to read this review, I can’t image what would.

Monte Cook, Mark Twain, and movie trailers galore! Who knew that last month’s geek news was so M-ocentric? John Sanders talks about all those Ms and more! Even a few things that start with other letters!

After reading Sunday’s interview with Peggy Rubin, did you find yourself wanting to check out her book “To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre”? Good news! The Magical Buffet and Quest Books have come up with a clever way for you to potentially get your own copy FREE! Get ready to count some syllables and find a phrase to rhyme with phat loot!

Peggy Rubin, author of “To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre”, answers 10 questions for The Magical Buffet!