As you know, I have been publishing my old “Letters from the Publisher” from back when The Magical Buffet was a monthly e-zine because the letters didn’t migrate over to the new blog format. Most of my letters aren’t worth republishing. However there are a few that share some of my more personal thoughts that I wanted new readers to have access to. With that said, here is my “Letter from the Publisher” from May 2008.

A new book rekindles my affection for Hanuman. Don’t know who Hanuman is? Then you had better check this out. Oh, you know who he is? Then you will DEFINITELY want to check this out.

K. Williams, author of the Civil War based fiction novel “Blue Honor”, shares with Magical Buffet readers the slings and arrows of creating and publishing a novel.

I have this horrible problem of naming things what they are, so as you may suspect, this is me taking a look at “The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot”. Despite the boring title, you’ll probably find the article interesting. Check it out!

Author Paula Chaffee Scardamalia shares heartfelt insights from her spiritual path and gives a fresh perspective on the ancient practice of weaving.

How Sleigh Bells took me by the hand and led me away from musical fears to the promised land of genre busting music.

Through the wonders of Twitter I became acquainted with Roger Allen Baut and his “Contemplative Photographic Art”. Since discovering his work, I regularly visit his website when I’m stressed and need a palate cleanser for my mind. I hope some of you find his work beneficial too!

A book review for a book I had no intention of reading that includes a parenthetical rant about your relationship with your doctor and uses the word parenthetical. Impressive, no?

Why call it “PimpGate”? I guess I just love tweaking everyone’s spam filters. If this made it to your inbox, one, you probably need better spam protection, and two, click on in to hear about the “Pimp My Sacred Space” contest winner.

You can take the girl out of retail, but you can never take the retailer out of the girl. Come see a different side of the men and women who ask you, “Did you find everything you were looking for today?”

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