Self-discipline, enthusiasm, wisdom, and the last week of the “Everyday Dharma” challenge.

Who is Jason Pitzl-Waters? He’s the person behind the highly respected The Wild Hunt pagan news blog, and part of a growing movement promoting primary-source reporting on news and issues affecting Pagan communities.

A letter of apology to those I’ve hurt in the past two years.

Join me as I “grow my assets” with the help of author Lama Willa Miller.

Tony Cartledge, author of the forthcoming book “Planetary Types: The Science of Celestial Influence”, gives us a unique look at astrology.

You’re not going to believe this! Seriously, check this out!

Week five, where I publicly admit that contemplating “Everyday Dharma” has made me enjoy my job more. Let’s not let my boss see this, okay?

Lady Passion, High Priestess of Coven Oldenwilde and co-author of “The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems”, shares some thoughts about gardening and the rapidly approaching spring and summer months.

Just like all sequels, this article has more, more, more! More photos, more bizarre asides, and more links than last year’s recap!

Buddha or bust!

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