Worst performance ever? You be the judge.

Where I use ground breaking MIT research to put down a television show, to promote a television show, and possibly even offer up some interesting science.

Week two of my “Everyday Dharma” challenge! Am I a Buddha yet? You decide.

I very well may be. Judge for yourself.

Well, I just completed my first week of the “Everyday Dharma” challenge. Technically I am now one seventh of the way to finding the Buddha in me! So, what was the first week like?

You do now!

If you’ve been wondering what I was going to do after tackling the 1018 page House healthcare bill, you should click on in!

An interview years in the making! At long last I ask frequent Buffet contributor and Druid author extraordinaire Ellen Evert Hopman 10 questions!

There is music in Afghanistan again, and that means that truly anything is possible. That’s what music does, no sense in denying it.