Back in June 2009 I interviewed Alaric Albertsson, author of “Travels Through Middle Earth: The Path of a Saxon Pagon”. When given the opportunity to ask me any question, he asked, “Where can I find a publisher for a very nice deck of Anglo-Saxon rune cards? The man who did the art work for the deck has put in countless hours to ensure that each card illustrated the meaning of the relevant passage in the Anglo Saxon Rune Poem. I really want to see this deck eventually reach its intended audience. Maybe one of your subscribers has the answer?”

I answered, “One place you might want to contact is US Games, they publish loads of awesome decks (many of which get reviewed here on the website). Also, you could always save up some cash, maybe find a few investors, and publish the deck yourself. Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, you can reach an international market fairly easily.”

Well now Alaric is back to let us know how it all turned out!