You may think this is going to be a Merry Christmas, God bless us everyone, holiday post, but you’re wrong. In fact, this post is in reference to the fact that today is the FIRST day of Christmas. You know, the one where you get the partridge. Anyway, the new year is approaching, making this the time that’s rife with best of, top whatever, lists. Since I’m a blogger these days, I figured I would share with you fine folks my favorite blogs (assuming that somehow having a blog gives me the authority to recommend other blogs). And, since I fancy myself as a clever girl at times (much like the velociraptor in “Jurassic Park”), I thought that I would acknowledge that today marks the first of the twelve days of Christmas, the twelfth day being the last day before Epiphany, the commemoration of the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi, and go with 12 Days of Blogging. That’s right, I’m getting Catholic on y’all!