Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Nightmare!

It’s funny how this article from guest author Alice Diehl came about. As I sat at my desk I couldn’t ignore the fact that the holiday season was approaching. The Magical Buffet’s original format generally ignored acknowledging holidays, but with this new blog format it seemed wrong to not acknowledge some holidays as they approach or as they occur. So there it was, Christmas was coming. The question was, what was I going to do about it? Write some heart felt personal piece about Christmas, not going to happen. Talk about the Pagan roots to so many beloved Christmas features, it seems better informed and more talented writers would be addressing that else where. Honestly, I wanted to find the evil opposite of what most websites would do for a Christmas post. I found my mind wandering to some of the bizarre slasher movies set around the holidays. And the rest is history.

I’m friends with Alice from our interactions on the website (join us there!). I knew she was funny, intelligent, and more importantly a huge fan of horror movies. I asked her to compile a list of her favorite seasonal horror films and I’m pleased to share with you the results.

Hey there Ghouls and Girls! I know you all have that common Christmas picture in your heads, let me set the scene for you: Your stockings are hung by the chimney with care; you’ve just gorged yourself on sugar plums and gingerbread. The children are all nestled in their beds, and in the middle of the night a man with a slight weight problem breaks and enters into your cozy suburban home…lo and behold in this scenario we assume he is bringing gifts upon this midnight clear, but if the modern day world and the advent of film has anything to say about it Santa’s bringing an axe this Christmas!

During a time of the year that promotes togetherness I ask you to cozy up, get the egg nog and cover the kids’ eyes as I count down my top five Holiday Horror treats.

#5: Jack Frost

On the way to his execution a serial killer is genetically mutated into a murderous snowman, who’s only enjoyment comes from seeking revenge on the lawman that took him down.

I gotta tell you kids if you’ve got a phobia of Styrofoam this film is not for you. Who can forget that climatic battle in the end where our killer meets his demise “a la kool-aid acid” chemical peel.

#4: Silent Night, Bloody Night

Let me pull up some key descriptive words: Old Mansion, Mental Institution, Deranged Killer, Weird Townsfolk, and Warhol? If you’re down for decking the halls with a little blood this one is for you. Beyond all the normal horror holiday highlights check this usually unheard of gem out, with appearances by many of Warhol’s Factory superstars as mental institution inmates it makes for a bloody and kooky trip.

#3: Gremlins

It’s a classic…period end of sentence, if you haven’t seen it, it should be on your wish list. I know I’m hoping to find Gizmo in my stocking on Christmas morning. Or possibly Phoebe Cates. (smile)

#2: Black Christmas

Who doesn’t love a film that gives you a reason not to pledge as a sorority sister, or store your decorations in an attic? The film touts a cast of lovely ladies, inappropriate phone calls (who hasn’t savored the holiday punch and dialed some old friends) and that classic scene with Clare’s body propped up in the attic window. Plus, Steve Martin LOVES it…and that takes the cat’s pajamas in my book.

#1: The Shinning

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly holiday themed, no Santa, no holiday meals, but it has all the winter and seasonal essentials. Snow. A ski resort. Family togetherness. I connect with this film on a personal level, having grown up in a small snowy mountain community and having hung out at the local ski resort more times than I can count. It’s an age old question that’s being answered with this film; does all that family time really make for holiday spirit or daddy’s ultimate meltdown?

Honorable x- mass-acre Television Mentions:

Tales from the Crypt “All Through the House”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Amends” Season 3, Episode 10.The one where Angel finds his wing, so to speak.

I hope you enjoyed my selections….”Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nightmare!”

About the Author:
Alice has been a horror movie buff since she was a little girl. Particularly the “Halloween” series. She hopes to be the first scream queen on wheels. She’s also an advocate for LGBT as well the disability communities. Been a nerd since conception. So proud! You can catch her on as well her Facebook page.