It’s funny how this article from guest author Alice Diehl came about. As I sat at my desk I couldn’t ignore the fact that the holiday season was approaching. The Magical Buffet’s original format generally ignored acknowledging holidays, but with this new blog format it seemed wrong to not acknowledge some holidays as they approach or as they occur. So there it was, Christmas was coming. The question was, what was I going to do about it? Write some heart felt personal piece about Christmas, not going to happen. Talk about the Pagan roots to so many beloved Christmas features, it seems better informed and more talented writers would be addressing that else where. Honestly, I wanted to find the evil opposite of what most websites would do for a Christmas post. I found my mind wandering to some of the bizarre slasher movies set around the holidays. And the rest is history.

I’m friends with Alice from our interactions on the website (join us there!). I knew she was funny, intelligent, and more importantly a huge fan of horror movies. I asked her to compile a list of her favorite seasonal horror films and I’m pleased to share with you the results.