Nick Valentino, author of the newly released novel “Thomas Riley”, visits The Magical Buffet while on his promotional blog tour! Click on in to learn about the beloved genre of Steampunk.

In mid-September I wrote about the then upcoming Northern New York Paranormal Expo. Well, this past Saturday Jim and I hauled it up north to Plattsburgh, NY to see how the first ever paranormal expo presented by the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society and the City of Plattsburgh was going to go down.

How does Rebecca manage to write a review of “The Way of Beauty” by Francois Cheng while talking Terry Pratchett and Angelina Jolie? There’s only one way to find out.

The Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes share their experiences from investigating a house built in the 1800s.

For those of you who follow the exciting world of “tech” news, you may have been hearing a lot of noise about how on December 1, 2009 The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers and celebrities to clearly state when they receive cash or “payment in kind” for endorsing a company’s products or services. This seemed as good of time as any to let you in on how I, and in turn The Magical Buffet, operate. Prepare to probably not be surprised.

Back in 2007 I received an email from a woman named Rose Rosetree, who offered to do an article about face reading for The Magical Buffet. Since that well received article, we’ve had her back for an interview, and she even had me as a guest blogger on her “Deeper Perception Made Practical” blog in 2008. It seemed like it was past time to catch up with Rose and see what she’s been doing.

Yes, I read the WHOLE thing. Curse you Colbert! CURSE YOU!

Author Ellen Evert Hopman discusses flowering almond lore.

David Letterman’s admission of having been a victim of attempted blackmail has prompted me to share some of my universal truths.

It’s that time of year again, when a young ladies’ thoughts turn to breast cancer.

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