Catching Up With Paul

Since we last spoke in April of 2007, an Angel named Thomas put his hand through the top of my skull and massaged my soul while channeling a Choir of One Thousand Angels. My music can’t quite match that, but I keep trying…

My 2008 album Garden of Delight , won the New Age Reporter award for Best World Album , was Echoes CD of the Month, Top Ten for Three Months, and featured on Hearts of Space. I also did an OM chanting CD called Gratitude Joy that did not win one single award but still brought peace and joy to many people which is of course, the whole point of all this!

My latest offering is LOVE, which just came out in August. Blissful Lullabies celebrating our highest vibration, LOVE is a temple of sound in honor of Love. A sacred space of deep blissful contentment. The fertile soil of peaceful grace where we are able to feel and free to be our true nature…

I collaborated with legendary New Age artist Kevin Braheny Fortune for the album.

LOVE is my most even, intimate, consistently blissful work that is already bringing lots of simple peace & joy to many souls.

You can find LOVE at iTunes, Amazon, and at my site

About Paul:
Paul Avgerinos is a Grammy nominated Composer and Producer whose music is broadcast all over the world. Paul’s New Age albums consistently reach the Top Ten in Radio and have won major awards three years running. He has worked on over one hundred film and TV projects with over 3,000 TV licenses. Paul has been involved in a number of Platinum albums and has worked with Aerosmith, Jewel, Run DMC, Willie Nelson & Deana Carter.

Currently, he lives and works in Redding, CT, where the deer pass by his studio windows and the hawks and eagles give inspiration from above.

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