10 questions with Regan about her musical project High Priestess.

Midwest Preternatural Research shares the actual final report of their investigation of JFK Prep School.

Last week I announced I was accepting Stephen Colbert’s challenge to read the entire House healthcare reform bill. Well this is the first in a hopefully continuing series of posts chronicling my struggles and reactions in wading through this 1000+ page behemoth. Enjoy.

Okay, maybe not the MOST, but certainly one of my favorite times of the year. What time is that? When Llewellyn starts busting out their annuals.

For some reason I love the idea of giant sea creatures. All those in search of the giant squid shows on the Discovery Channel – watched them. Ditto when they bust out the giant octopus stuff – I’m there. I don’t know what about them that I like so much. Perhaps, oddly, it’s the romanticism of the giant sea creature. I know it sounds funny, but for some reason a giant sea squid makes me think of multi-masted ships getting taken into the briny deep for venturing off the map. The ocean is still so vast that we continually discover new things living there. And that although doubtful, I can still entertain the idea that one day I’ll be watching BBC America news in the morning (because it’s back!) and hear a neutral voice with a British accent explain that a ship has been destroyed off the coast of some country by some giant tentacled thing from the deep.

This brings me to the lusca.

While catching up on my DVRed episodes of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” it was hard to miss that the big news, and comedy, of the day is the battle over healthcare reform. Obviously I have my opinions on the subject, and I understand and share many of the concerns of many Americans. Also, being the often mean-spirited person that I am, I’m greatly enjoying the comic stylings of Stewart and Colbert as they cover this issue. But then, on the August 10, 2009 episode of “The Colbert Report”, it happened.

Why topple Saddam Hussein’s regime only to go back to enacting his policies? Don’t ask me, ask the current Iraqi government.

Is this an article listing things Rebecca is bad with? Will there also be sports and advanced mathmatics? Fortunately for you, it’s none of that. It’s a thing that Rebecca is good at, liking things that bring religious communities together.

Author Ellen Evert Hopman discusses Elder lore.

When I know in advance that there is a restaurant I’ll be going out to eat at, I generally look to see if they have a website with a menu. This is a good way for me to see if there is something that looks tasty that is low in calories and fat (Thank you restaurants that provide nutritional information!), or if it’s hopeless and I should just order whatever the heck I want. Well a while back, in anticipation of trying mofongo (which fell through), I was looking at an online menu for a Caribbean restaurant. Listed amongst their beverages was Goya Malta.

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