Oneonta Spiritual Arts Fair: The Aftermath

As you all know, this past Saturday I attended the 5th Annual Spiritual Arts Fair in Oneonta, NY.

When we arrived, we paid our $3 per person entrance fee and got our hands stamped so we could come and go. Once inside I made a beeline for the primary reason I wanted to make the trip.

And I found her, Llewellyn author Deborah Blake. She had a small table set up where she was selling, and signing, her books, including her latest “The Goddess is in the Details”. She was also doing mini-Tarot readings and had a small selection of the jewelry she makes on display. It was so wonderful to meet the author. What can I say? If you read her books, you really do know her. She is just as warm, friendly, and funny as her writing. I was as happy as a fan girl to buy a copy of “The Goddess is in the Details” and have her sign it to me!

While Jim was taking pictures of us, Barbara Ellen from AURA’ bout You! asked if he would mind taking some pictures of her set up. In return, she took an energy field photo of me and interpreted the results. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only would I email her the photos Jim took, but that I ran a website and would be writing about all of this! Barbara was such an entertaining lady. From my photo she told me I was friendly, open, social, that I have bright ideas, and that I’m optimistic. This is just hitting the high points; she gave me a complete form detailing my results and how they were interpreted. Barbara also mentioned she does hand readings based off your fingerprints, which sounded interesting. Although I hate seeing photos of myself, I am happy to have such a unique souvenir from the event.

The room was packed with vendors and after a very short period, we found our arms filled with goodies. It was then we decided to make a trip to the car and unload our loot and take a long look at the workshop schedule to see what all we wanted to do.

This took some real time and consideration because there were over twenty workshops taking place! So many that I couldn’t even consider seeing any of the 13 readers and/or healers working at the event. After some time a battle plan was made and a schedule was set. Then, the afternoon took an unexpected turn.

With the difficult workshop decisions made, we went out for lunch. It was while leaving the restaurant that Jim realized the car keys were not in any of his pockets. Yep, upon walking back to our car we could easily see our keys sitting in the cup holder with all our doors securely locked.

First off, my insurance company offers 24-hour roadside assistance for just such occasions. If only I didn’t have all that information in the glove compartment! Next, the nice folks at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta (the location of the Fair) let us have a wire coat hanger to mangle and shove into our car in an attempt to press the unlock button. That wasn’t working. I then went back into the Fair and cried to Deborah Blake who sprung into action and started grabbing people associated with the event and asking, “Do you know how to break into a car?” Everyone can rest easy knowing that the Spiritual Arts Fair community is lacking a criminal element. However, Deborah directed me to Andrew, the spouse of the henna artist at the Fair, who said he had some tools and would take a look.

With Andrew’s assistance, and odd assortment of tools, including brake line, we got into our car. Jim isn’t a hugging sort of guy, but I think he was sorely tempted to give this fellow a big ol’ bear hug. After double-checking with him that his wife was the henna artist, Jim and I decided it was time for me to get my first henna tattoo.

We went to Jessica Halter’s, better known as The Henna Lady, table to tell her of our success thanks to her husband. I then went about selecting an image to be put on my hand with henna. Moments later I had a beautiful flower design on my hand for only $5! Jim offered her a twenty-dollar bill, and she went to give us change. We then asked if she was sure it was only $5, I mean her husband saved us, and she was quite certain it was only $5. What a classy lady! I love my henna tattoo! On a side note, I want to say how impressed I am that not only is she a skilled artist and a kind soul, but she is insured. Insured! How responsible and professional! I have told my husband that I want to have a party where she gives everyone henna body art!

I finished getting my tattoo just in time to make it to the first workshop I wanted to attend, which was the Shadow Chasers Paranormal Investigators and Research. Immediately following that it was a discussion of Hindu Astrology with Philip Hosely. Right after that, it was Zen Mediation with a representative of The Three Treasures Zen Center of Oneonta! I told you there were many workshops! Jim and I agree that the Zen Meditation workshop was the best of the three we attended. Oddly, it had the smallest turn out. If you were at the Fair and didn’t go to the Zen Meditation workshop, you missed out.

After all of that we said our good-byes to Deborah Blake and Jessica Halter, expressing again that her husband kicks ass, and made the drive home. Exhausted we grabbed some take out and crashed. It was a good day.

Things Fun, Petty, Inspiring, and Touching

Hola all! Just a few things to share that will hopefully amuse, inform, and inspire.

First, don’t forget, tomorrow I’ll be at the 5th Annual Spiritual Arts Fair in Oneonta, NY. If you’re in the area, stop by and join in the fun. Author Deborah Blake will be there, selling, and signing, her latest book “The Goddess is in the Details” (save two for me Deborah!). There are loads of events taking place throughout the day, and I’ll be there, dragging my husband around and hanging around Deborah’s table like a total fangirl. See my original post about this event to learn more.

For those of you that missed it, nearly a week ago I shared my incredibly inspiring form letter that I received from the White House. Not that I’m bitter or anything, but here is another news story about someone receiving a personal response from President Obama. To learn the latest about what’s going on in Zimbabwe, click here.

As many readers will remember, at the beginning of April we featured an interview with Cindy Chaney, the creator of the My Nerd Girl website and all around badass bitch. Cindy is an amazing woman who embodies many characteristics that I wish I had myself, for instance being able to figure out Warhammer and managing to look hot while playing Risk. (I bet she could make a Hero character all by herself with nothing more than a calculator and her cunning intellect.) What many people may not know, is that this incredible woman has been battling Lupus for the past 10 years. Her struggle has left her lungs scarred to the point where she has trouble breathing.

I am going to be honest with you all, I am not a fan of fundraising walk/runs. So much money goes into covering the expenses of these sometimes-massive events that not as much money goes to the charity as I would like. For most causes, I prefer to just mail a check straight to the charity, 100% donating power. But when I learned that Cindy, who has so much trouble breathing that she can’t walk, will be taking part in the June 6, 2009 Walk for Lupus Now event by being pulled in a wagon by her fellow friends and Nerd Girls, I couldn’t help but be moved.

Please take a moment to learn more about Lupus, the Walk for Lupus Now event, and Cindy by visiting her page.

Lastly, as I always like to point out, our readership keeps growing very slowly, but very steadily. We still spend zero dollars on marketing, so all our growth is thanks to you, our readers. By posting links to our articles, by becoming our friends on My Space or our fans on Facebook, and by telling others that you enjoy our website, you have made our existence possible. Thank you for your support. Now get out there and tell someone how awesome our website is! I’m nowhere near poised for global domination, and I want to become supreme leader before I have to start dying my hair regularly to cover grays.