It’s been 100 days since Senator Obama became President Obama. Did you know that Obama made over 500 documented promises during his campaign to become President? Would you like a way to find out if he’s keeping those promises? Then click on in.

Generally when we say harpy, we’re referring to, as Random House Dictionary states, “a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; shrew, or a greedy, predatory person.” Perhaps it’s that innate fear or repulsion that leads to so much trouble when trying to learn about the mythological creature the harpy.

Bob Makransky of the Magical Almanac Ezine shares with us his essay “The Magician’s God”.

It’s time for all my paranormal peeps to step up their game, and Lawrence LeShan is just the man to school you.

Read what might be the end of Rebecca’s letter writing adventures!

The 5th Annual Spiritual Arts Fair in Oneonta, NY! Why?

Author Ellen Evert Hopman shares Ash lore.

BBC America cancelled their world news broadcast week day mornings and so this past week I’ve been left floundering around trying to figure out what morning news broadcast to watch to fill the void. So far I’ve tried “Morning Joe” on MSNBC and CNN’s “American Morning”. All I can say for these is that I REALLY miss my BBC World News. Anyway, after a week of trying these shows I have to say, I really agree with this guy.

It’s that Passover time of year again. Like most very bad Jews, I tend to celebrate with Cosmopolitans and questionably kosher cuisine. The important thing is that I gather with friends and family to share the story of the Jewish people. (Even more important is having fun.) For those of you who missed the animated film “The Prince of Egypt”, or find the phrase, we tell the story of Exodus confusing, let me drop a little knowledge on you.

10 questions with the creator of the website

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