The actual unedited final report from the Abbey Ghost Hunter’s investigation of Danby Castle. Enjoy!

Join Rebecca as she brags about beating larger, better managed, media sources (ones probably staffed by people with degrees and that grasp the basics of grammar) to interviews and stories. Yep it’s a self-esteem boosting weekend here at The Magical Buffet!

I have always loved tarot cards. There’s something just so delightfully arcane and occulty about them. I have loads of decks that I love to thumb through but never use. I own “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot and Fortune-Telling” by Arlene Tognetti and Lisa Lenard and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot Spreads” by Arlene Tognetti and Carolyn Flynn, and I still don’t read tarot. Why? I can never remember the basic fundamental meanings of the cards. Now I know there is this whole school of intuitive tarot reading where you define the cards yourself based on what they seem to mean to you, and I get that, I really do. However my respect for the old school will not allow me to do that without first knowing exactly what Arthur Edward Waite said they meant first…by memory. What is a slave to tradition like me supposed to do? Turn to the “Tell-Me Tarot” created by Arik Eyal and illustrated by Nir Cassuto.

I had so much fun being ignored the first time I wrote to my elected officials that I’m back and badder than ever! Happy inauguration day President Obama!

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Join The Magical Buffet in saying “Happy Birthday” to Martin Luther King, Jr.

A fun little ditty that I originally wrote for my friend Greg Bullard’s website,

Right now, I’m writing this at home, trapped inside because of yet another ice storm. As I hear the clicking noise of ice hitting the ground, I find it hard to imagine spring will ever be here. However, I know that it will, and with it will come all the vibrant hues of the flowers, trees, and herbs that only a winter followed by spring can bring. I’ll have to ramp up all the allergy medications I take, but also it will be the appropriate time to give a certain little girl I know the book “Walking the World in Wonder” by Ellen Evert Hopman.

10 Questions with Gary Lachman, author of Politics and the Occult.

“The skin of snakes is often a point of curiosity among those who observe them. Unlike many other animals, snakes shed their skin on a periodic basis. While other creatures may simply shed skin cells or hair, a snake actually rids itself of its skin in one continuous piece, a procedure that can be likened to removing a sock. This shedding is not without purpose. Snakes shed their skin to allow for growth, as well as to remove parasites along with their old skin.

Snakes shed when they grow too big for their skin, comparable to the way humans outgrow clothing.”

What about humans? If they shed their skin, do they become Gods? According to the Aztecs, the answer is yes, under the right circumstances. And with that, I give you Toci….

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