How much information can you pack into 40 pages? A lot. Yeah, but can it be useful and make you think? Yep. How do I know? I just read “The Little Book of Sanctuary” by Alison Marks.

Trish Donroe Barker talks jigsaw puzzles. Click in to learn more!

It was going to be, but I realized I could sum it up easily. This album takes everything that was good about music from the 80’s, smooshes it together and sprinkles it in glitter. Just go buy the darn thing, it’s awesome, and let me move onto The Airborne Toxic Event.

Many of you know that here in the northeastern United States we had a vicious little ice storm that resulted in prolonged power outages. Fortunately I was only without power for under 48 hours, which I never thought under 48 hours was good until I talked to people who went 72 hours or more! Anyway, I’ve been busy catching up, and that means hitting all my favorite celebrity gossip blogs. It was during this that I came across the headline “Dancing Midget Zombies” on Perez Hilton’s website. That title was enough to get me to check it out, and I assume it’s enough to get you to click in for my article.

It’s always tough to work with creatures of myth that are not from your native culture. You find yourself wondering, what do the people of the country of origin think of this? Alternatively, am I even getting the right information? This is the predicament I find myself in when discussing the Bungisngis. Click in to see why.

I thought with the end of 2008 rapidly approaching that it might be time to give you all a little update. Normally only The Magical Buffet’s My Space friends get these awkwardly written and poorly edited updates, but I thought it was time to give every Buffet reader a little info on what’s been happening over here. So for those who are curious, click on in.

10 Questions with Thuri Calafia. Need we say more?

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I’m given many books and products to review. I’m not swimming in them, but at this point, I’ve had my share of emails from publicists and delightful packages of goodies sent my way. Yet nothing could prepare me for the email I received from Quest Books asking me to review “Politics and the Occult: The Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen” by Gary Lachman. That’s right music fans, Gary Lachman, also known as Gary Valentine, bassist for the to die for band Blondie. What was this emotion I was experiencing? Could it be giddiness? Yes, I’m embarrassed to say, I was “as happy as a school girl”.

Author Sandra Kynes shares some thoughts on the “Season of Light”.