What happens to us when we die is, in my opinion, one of those questions that we can never truly answer. There’s only one way to get your answer, and trust me, it’s a killer. (Insert rim shot here.) The way people have answered this question has influenced religion, philosophy, and entire cultures. It explains the fascination with the study of the paranormal; it defines the Spiritualist faith. What happens to us after we die is a multimillion-dollar industry, and an intimate puzzle for each human to solve for themselves. There’s the potential for ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, angels, and more. For the Aborigines, there are the mopaditis.

My rep at U.S. Games Systems recently sent me a care package of goodies to look over, and one assumes to write about. She included a box of Daily Affirmations, “just for fun.”

I thought this little treat would be appropriate given the rapidly approaching Presidential elections here in the United States.

And not just any Humanist, but Fred Edwords, Director of Communications for the American Humanist Association!

I’ve always had a good relationship with U.S. Games, one of the go to places for tarot decks, but I just got a new contact there and she sent me a box of goodies to go through and I plan to steadily share it all with The Magical Buffet’s readers!

That’s right folks, my voice is again going to be heard on the internet. This time it’s going to be on the Paravision radio show on the Para-X Radio network. I’m really excited because Para-X Radio has lots of good shows and a great chat room.

Read our interview with Deborah Blake, author of “Circle, Coven, and Grove” and the upcoming book “Everyday Witch A to Z”.

Buying lots and lots of music! For those of you who haven’t been following along, this summer has been music buying chaos for me. Now that the summer is winding down, and the leaves here in New York are starting to change colors, let’s try to make some sense out of all that I’ve listened to.

A while back, and by a while I mean all the way back in January of this year, a very nice man by the name of Jim Norris contacted me. Do I ever feature poetry? This was a new question for me and I responded that I would gladly feature the poem he sent me, but to bear with me while I found a home for it on our website. Push forward to September 2008. Um, yeah, well, to sum up, I suck. This poor man by now must have assumed our readers would never see his lovely poem. Surprise! It has made it! Finally. My sincerest apologies to Jim.

Yeah, I said Glen Campbell, you got a problem with that? The next time I talk music it will be my summer music buying wrap up, but this little oddity snuck in during August, so I figured, better add it to my lost summer of music purchases.

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