Anyone who spends anytime at all reading about or discussing magic with those who actually work magic will hear that magic is meant to be practiced. That study and theories mean nothing without practice. This is generally why books about magic read more like how-to guides than scholarly essays. Obviously I’m not saying that those how-to guides aren’t carefully researched and developed after years of experience, what I am saying is that I want scholarly essays! And like an answer to my geeky prayers, Patrick Dunn wrote the book “Magic Power Language Symbol”.

Due to the recent Beijing Olympics, for better or worse, we’ve all been learning more about China. It was in this vein that the BBC show Newsnight presented a piece about a Chinese singer named Sa Dingding. Let’s not talk politics, she didn’t in her interview. China is a wonderful place for artists, end of interview. Maybe she truly believes that, maybe the government made no secret of the fact that they knew where her family lived, all I’m saying is that it is a little creepy to see that her album was produced by ShangHai To-Wing Culture Development Co. Ltd., and not, you know, by individuals.

I first met Christopher Penczak back in August of 2007, so a year ago. Everything you hear is true; he is an incredibly friendly, very down to earth kind of guy. I recently got back in touch with Christopher and suggested my readers might like a little note as to what’s been going on with him. Just like the super nice guy he is, he sent me a letter to share with you.

I’ve always said, never back a professional stand up comedian into a corner. Seriously. One of my favorite things to see on “The Daily Show” is a guest who thinks he’s giving Jon Stewart a beat down. You know why? Because just when the guest thinks he’s got Stewart backed up into a corner that stand up survival instinct kicks in and Stewart verbally smacks that guest down. If I ever find myself interacting with the likes of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, you can bet good money that I will be the nicest little so and so. Make no threatening gestures and maybe you won’t be attacked. Recently I’ve had to revise my truism. Never back a professional stand up comedian or Nas into a corner.

For once, I find myself without anything to say. Those of you familiar with me, or the site, know that you are witnessing a rare occurrence. Last night I learned that Oberon Zell-Ravenheart has been diagnosed with colon cancer. I have confirmed this information, and now I find myself at a loss for words.

There are Tings, which are a cheese puff-like treat that all the kids I know seem to love. There is Ting Ting, the poster girl for the card game “Shadowfist”. Despite those notable tings, today we are going to talk about the new album from The Ting Tings, that I recently purchased as part of my summer music buying madness.

Seriously, does anybody read The Magical Buffet? I mean besides you. Again, another organization could have been spared my wrath if they had just taken two minutes to read my article about the swastika.

I know, 10 more questions! Raven has the fine distinction of being worthy enough, and perhaps crazy enough on his part, to do another round of questions with us at The Magical Buffet. How was it determined that Raven was so darn special? It’s pretty simple, he’s a great guy, with a lot of knowledge to share, that I find endlessly amusing. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did, especially since I suspect he’ll be back again.

Today is my Uncle’s birthday, and he’s not feeling well, so let’s all say “Happy Birthday and feel better soon!” Now he can cringe as I go from warm birthday wishes to what this blog is about, the National Action Network’s Decency Awards, which is an extension of their Decency Initiative. For those of you who think you’re unfamiliar with the NAN, does this name ring a bell? Reverend Al Sharpton. Yes, this is his organization.

I approached this past weekend with the best of intentions. My husband and I were going to get up on Saturday, go out for some breakfast, hit Target to pick up a copy of Freakazoid Season One, do some grocery shopping, come home, clean, post Kip Givens’ awesome article to the website and then, only after all that was complete would we crack the shrink wrap on Freakazoid.

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