If you’re like me, you tend to give a lot of thought to what kind of calendar you’re going to buy for the next year. That’s why I was so psyched when my friends over at Llewellyn sent me a copy of their Mystic Faerie Calendar for an advance sneak peek.

Well, it’s time to get back on track with keeping you up to date on my summer music buying frenzy. This review is for an album that came out in June. I know, I know…but there has been a lot going on. Don’t worry though, things are getting back on track and soon you’ll be all caught up. So enjoy.

Yep, another online radio show was crazy enough to ask me to be on as a guest. I will be a guest on Isis Paranormal Radio on Sunday July 27, 2008 from 6-7pm eastern. Be sure to tune in!

Listen to the sound of my voice. Or, um, read the words on your screen. You’re getting sleepy. Sleepier. What does hypnosis have to do with Magical Buffet Mythology? Well, not to sound like the father from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but hypnosis comes from the Greek word hypnos, and Hypnos is actually the Greek god of sleep…so there you go.

On July 7, 2008 LifeSiteNews.com reported that a Brazilian judge has ordered the removal of a Catholic priest’s book from bookstores. Father Jonas Abib’s book, titled “Yes, Yes! No, No! Reflections on Healing and Liberation”, cautions readers about the dangers of the occult, which includes the Afro-Brazilian religion Spiritualism.

The name Rose Rosetree should be familiar to long time Magical Buffet readers. Why? Well, there was this and this. It’s safe to call Rose a friend of the Buffet. I was dumbfounded and flattered when she invited me to write a guest post for her blog about enlightenment. What follows is that piece.

My mother has always been a letter writer. I speak on the phone with her once a week and still, more often than not, I receive a handwritten letter between calls. More important to this story is the fact that she has never been afraid to write letters to strangers.