In this new age of impish, whimsical, pretty little pixie fairies, like those Amy Brown and NeNe Thomas portray, it’s easy to forget that in times past the fair folk were generally annoying at best, and deadly at worst. The gwyllion of Wales is an interesting example of this.

Marie Chalifoux is the designer and owner of a Portland, Oregon based company that blends art with fashion to create one of a kind designs. Her line is feminine and figure flattering, designed to show off a woman’s soft curses. She believes that the Universe see’s all woman as being beautiful and unique and that’s […]

Yes, I have been touched by His Noodly Appendage. And honestly, anyone who has taken a moment to consider the nature of religious belief, scientific inquiry, and the difference between them has probably also felt his presence. That’s right, this month we’re talking about the deliciously delightful Flying Spaghetti Monster.

1. What is Waning Moon Publications? Waning Moon Publications is a home-based bindery and publishing company for occult and related materials. We (mostly my fiancé and I) specialize in producing artistic hand-bound titles using leather and decorative papers. It is very much a magical project as much as it is a business since I find […]

Article provided by IAG The International Alchemy Guild (IAG) is a group of alchemists from around the world who come together to exchange views, news, and research in the Hermetic arts and all forms of practical and spiritual alchemy. In 1968, the renewed Guild opened a permanent office in Vienna, Austria, and in 1998, a […]

Article by Rebecca Image by Will Hobbs ( If our modern keyboard serves as a guide, the only less used letter than X would be Z. The letter X serves many purposes for being one of the least used letters in our alphabet. Yet, for all its apparent uselessness in our normal language, in the […]

Article provided by the Ghost Research Society LINCOLN THEATER INVESTIGATION October 27th, 2007 GRS Members Present: Dave Guss, Nancy Guss, Stan Suho, Jim Graczyk, Lisa Krick, Joseph Tito, Joey Tito, Jason Tito, Jerry Lutz, Art Schramm, and Dale Kaczmarek. Jim Graczyk: “Equipment: 35mm camera. For this investigation I was training new member Jerry Lutz along […]

As you all know, this has been the summer of my musical discontent…although more accurately it’s been the summer of my musical contentment and my wallet’s discontent. After my double barreled cd buying of the new Robyn and Madonna cds I was looking forward to a gap in my purchases. The next item on the […]

Look, it’s finally happening…the me and Billy Graham blog!  I almost bumped it again because of the “Evangelical Manifesto” press conference, but then I thought maybe I should actually read the manifesto before writing about it.   Perhaps it’s hard to imagine, but I recently came across some advice Rev. Billy Graham gave someone, and I […]

The producers are back! Producers have always been a key piece in the music manufacturing puzzle, but in my opinion the producers haven’t shone like stars, like they do now, since disco’s heyday. Again, in my opinion, I don’t think that’s entirely a coincidence. During the time of disco, large portions of the population wanted […]

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