Article by Rebecca Image by Will Hobbs ( The Huron people of America tell the story of the angont. First, if you’re like me, let’s start with who are the Huron? According to my anonymous peeps at Wikipedia.Org, “The Wyandot and Huron are indigenous peoples of North America, known in their native language as the […]

Article by Rebecca Image by Will Hobbs ( This month’s Magical Buffet Mythology is chock full of Chacs…and Chac. Confused? Welcome to the religious practices of the Mayans. Chacs are minor rain deities. Initially there were four Chacs, one for each of the directions, north, south, east and west. How many are there now? You […]

1. What drew you to Wicca? When I was a child I was wild about Greek and Roman mythology. Back in the late sixties when I was a teenager, I was exploring various different religions, not really knowing what I was looking for, developing an interest in Celtic lore. Then I came across Diary of […]

Article provided by Prance the Witches Path Our mission statement is our profile, and our goals are to try to educate through our actions. We believe that setting the proper example of our way of life and spiritual path is the key to educating the public of who we are. As spiritual people on this […]

By Matthew The mirror is often regarded with much superstition, and for good reason, the mirror reveals the reflection of the soul. One very common superstition claims that if you were to break your reflection in the mirror you will have seven years bad luck, this actually goes a bit further because causing any disturbance […]

by Sorita d’Este “She is called the Spirit of Life and through Her do all men understand Wisdom.” Zohar, 13th century The Goddess occupies a central role in a number of magickal traditions. These include obvious instances such as the Wiccan tradition, and also less obvious ones such as the Qabalah. In Qabalah the Goddess […]

In the land of “bling” (as the kids say), you see all kinds of stuff getting the “bling” treatment.  Diamond encrusted jewelry, tricked out cars, and super snazzy cell phones are all items to denote wealth and status.  Which is why I was intrigued to see’s headline, “Which religion has the best cell phone?”  […]

From May 8 to August 13, 2007 the Pew Forum conducted a nationwide survey of 35,000 adults to put together the Pew Forum’s Religious Landscape Survey.  The Pew Forum website lays out the data in all sorts of fun interactive ways.  You can view the overall results, you can select a single religion and view […]

That’s right, I beat MTV.  In Issue 14 I interviewed Raven Digitalis.  At the end of March MTV did a piece featuring the author.  I beat them by months…months I say!  Raven is an awesome guy and a lot of fun so I thought I would post the link to the article here, and I’ll […]

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