Article by Rebecca Image by Will Hobbs ( When discussing creatures of folklore, regardless of how odd they may seem, there is usually some kind of logic buried there. A reason why it is so ugly or a mish mash of different creatures, etc. Then again, occasionally you stumble across one like the munuane. The […]

Sacred Body Jewelry and collisionideas collisionideas is a company of women involved in teaching and traditional and alternative health and wellness practices. Sacred Body anatomical pins, pendants, and earrings grew from our belief that awareness and well-being must begin with Self, and that through a better understanding of ourselves, we can make healthier, deeper and […]

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Article by Rebecca Image by Will Hobbs ( Some may recall a past article I wrote about the Maori duo of Rangi and Papa. When this loving couple was separated by Tane, Maori god of forests, the human race was discovered. Little known fact, but all of Rangi and Papa’s children were men, and soon […]

The Sabbat was brought into being because we feel that as practitioners of traditional Witchcraft have very few places to study and develop our Power. We enjoy and cherish spiritual and cultural diversity, however we feel that the older ways of Witchcraft have been shoved under the rug and ignored in favor of newer, untested, […]

Article by Rebecca Image by Will Hobbs ( What is the deal with our hair? Everyday we’re assaulted by advertising for products to help give us more hair, curlier hair, straighter hair, different colored hair, stronger hair, well, you get the idea. Like most women, I’m guessing, I spend too much time daydreaming about having […]

By Ramona Louise Wheeler Enchantment, conjuring, mesmerism and levitation have their momentary charm. The most powerful magic has been and always will be the power of self-control. The hero of every story is the one who can rise to any occasion, however fantastical, unexpected or mundane — living fully in the moment, ready and able […]