Sometimes a Con IS Magical

Okay, so it wasn’t actually magic, but sometimes, in my opinion, a quality con is simply magical.  This is the case with my magician of the day, Rotina Mavhunga of Zimbabwe.  According to an article at, “The Financial Gazette reported last month that the government had squandered $5 billion worth of taxpayers’ money and given away a farm to a pseudo medium, Rotina Mavhunga, after she claimed she could extract diesel from a rock by just pointing her magical stick at it.”  I guess no one in President Magabe’s Cabinet could persuade him that diesel is extracted from crude oil through a purification process, and that it seemed highly unlikely that Rotina could not only get crude oil, but purify it too.  Also, the concept of paying after getting results seems to have alluded them all as well.
Now Zimbabwe is preparing to haul Rotina into court for pulling one over on the government.  My question is, who is punishing the government for being this dense?  I think in all fairness, Rotina should give back the money, etc., not be punished and everyone walks away.  You don’t take Rotina to court, you don’t have to admit that you fell under her spell.