Tick, Tick, Tick

Article by Rebecca
Image by Will Hobbs (www.sirwilliamwesley.com)

Time. No one can deny its importance. Whether it’s time passing, or perhaps the anticipation of a specific time, no matter who you are you cannot help but feel time’s influence on your life. When dealing with time often you are interacting with a clock. Time is important, and that makes the clock a potent symbol.

Clocks obviously symbolize time. With the passing of time in your life, you become increasingly aware that there is an end. This makes the clock a symbol of the transience of life. In early devotional paintings, an hourglass would indicate the passage of time and as an attribute of Father Time and/or Death personified. In still life art the clock, a modern equivalent of the hourglass, generally is used to express the same ideas. The clock’s relationship to the end of our time is so strong that in many cultures the clock is an important part of death. A common custom is to stop the clocks in the house of a family member that has passed away. To not do so is to risk bad luck or possibly death of another family member. In South America, clocks are placed on graves to symbolize the transition between life and death.

Despite it’s associations with something as primal and natural as death, clocks also symbolize the machine age. As clocks became more accurate and reliable, people began to shift away from being guided by the rhythms of nature. We were no longer ruled by the changing of the seasons as much as the clock.

Jane Austen said, “Oh! Do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch.” We all want more time, time to go by faster, to go back in time. Therefore, like it or not, we are all dictated to by time’s henchman, the clock.

Man of Clay

by Darrell

We are all familiar with the old legend in which God forms the first man out of clay and breathes life into him through his nostrils. His name was “Adam”, from the Hebrew ‘Adamah’, meaning “of the earth”. Most of us have become familiar with this legend through reading the first chapters of the Old Testament. Though the text is Jewish, we know it by its Greek name: “Genesis” or “the beginning”.

Though we all know that this is an ancient tale, few of us realize how prevalent this belief actually was in the ancient world. While Hebrew scribes were writing their ‘man from clay’ legend in Israel, there was a similar legend being taught in nearby Sumeria (modern day Iraq). The Sumerians believed that mankind was created to ‘do work’ for the gods (an admittedly different belief than that of the Jews, who believed we were created to live blissfully in Eden). However, the Sumerian myth also states that the gods created man by mixing “blood and clay”. Of course, this “blood” is the “blood” of the gods, and serves the same function as the “breath of God” in the Hebrew legend, which is to animate the lifeless clay and give it life. When the population of mankind gets too large in the Sumerian version, a god named ‘Enlil’ asks the Elder Gods to send a flood to rid the earth of mankind. A man then builds an enormous ark and survives the flood, to later become the father of a new ‘cleansed’ mankind. If this sounds familiar, it is because this story not only appears later in the Old Testament as the story of Noah, it also appears in the Babylonian “Epic of Gilgamesh”, where his name is “Utnapishtim”, in Greek lore as a man named “Deucalion”, and in Hindu stories as a man named “Manu”.

In a seperate Sumerian myth, Ninhursag, the great Birth goddess created a beautiful garden called “Edinu” (later called “Eden” by the Jews). A god named Enki was put in charge of the animals of Edinu and told not to eat any of the plants. Enki ate the plants and this enraged Ninhursag. As punishment, she caused him to feel great pain in his rib. The Sumerian word for “rib” was “ti”, a word that also meant “life”. The other gods begged Ninhursag to cure Enki. She agreed and created a goddess from his rib to be his companion. The goddess was named “Ninti”, meaning “goddess of life” or “goddess of the rib”. This myth appears later in Hebrew lore, in which a woman named “Havah” or “Eve” (which means “life”) is created from the rib of “Adam”, the man “made from earth”. The name “Eve” can also mean “the beginning”, as in “the beginning of life”, becuase Adam and Eve are said to be responsible for the birth of mankind. It is important to note that the “Ninti” story predates the “Eve” story by thousands of years, proving that this myth was prevalent and well accepted by much of the ancient world.

The Sumerian myths seem to be much older than the Hebrew legend. In fact, the Sumerian myths seem to predate Judaism by thousands of years, and appears to be relatively as old as the nearby civilization of Ancient Egypt. In one Egyptian myth, Khnum, the ram-headed creator god crafts all men and women out of clay on a giant potter’s wheel. The ‘man from clay’ story can even be found as far as China, where the goddess of fertility and creation, Nu Gua, forms mankind out of wet clay from the bank of the Yellow River.

What are these myths telling us? Why is man made of clay or dirt, and why is it said that the gods (or God) animated us with breath or blood? It appears that deep within the symbolism of these disparate myths lies a grain of universal truth. As humans, we share a common feeling. It relates to the old saying: “feet on the ground and head in the clouds”. We all know that we are material beings of earthly matter, yet there is more to us than meets the eye… Our ability to imagine, to dream, to create… our soul shines through our “earthly exterior” as something otherworldly, or perhaps something Divine. This spirit/matter duality, this ethereal/material duality of the human condition is what is being expressed in these ancient tales. It may be for this very reason… our ability to simultaneously exist in this earthly realm and a realm beyond (whether real or imaginary), that it has been said that we are made “in the image of god(s)”, for it was and still is believed by many that God is omnipresent. Obviously, it is our ability to imagine, to create, and to speak and to transmit ideas through symbols that make Humans unique within the animal kingdom. Though I feel a kinship with all creatures great and small (I haven’t eaten one in over a decade), I must admit that we are certainly ‘different’ in the above mentioned respects.

By transcribing these legends religiously for thousands of years, not only to illustrate our dual nature of “one part earth” and “one part Eden”, but also to showcase the very tools of writing and imagination that have been bestowed upon us… perhaps the reason for the existence of these ancient tales is simply to remind us of how extraordinary our humanity truly is.

Let’s see. I’m 23. I live with my girlfriend and our son in the historic Stockade area of Schenectady, NY. I’m vegetarian. I’m equally obsessed with logic/math/science and mythology/occultism/magik. Pretty much everything interests me. I prefer documentaries and textbooks to movies and novels, though I do love Star Wars and cartoons (NERD!).

I’ve been studying myth and magik for over ten years as a hobby/obsession. My website: www.christos-mythos.com is something I’ve been slowly building over the last 3 or 4 years. It’s basically a compilation of information that I think people should know. It’s filled with answers to questions everyone asks, but never bother to look up. These include questions like: “What does the Easter Bunny have to do with the resurrection of Jesus?”, “Why do we carve pumpkins every October?” or “Why is the word ‘Wednesday’ spelled so funny?”

I personally NEED to know these kinds of things. So I’ve spent my life reading books on EVERYTHING to quench my infinite thirst for understanding, and in the process, I’ve acquired facts up the wazoo, so I figured I’d put them out there for people to peruse at their leisure.

Eventually, I realized that there was actually one central theme that encompassed all of the seemingly random information on the site (www.christos-mythos.com). The main theme or central idea is this: that all things stem from some unknown source, and the understanding of ANYTHING brings us closer to that source. The more we know, the closer we are. Of course, with the Divine source being omnipresent and infinite in its nature, we can never learn EVERYTHING. But since all things are from the One source, all things are therefore related.

This is my central philosophy now. Though I didn’t come to this understanding until well AFTER I started the website. It really just started out as just a bunch of random info…

But the Universe works in mysterious ways.

– Darrell,
Christ Myth
Christos Mythos website: http://www.christos-mythos.com
Christ Myth MySpace: http://myspace.com/christmyth

New Year’s Resolution

We all make New Year’s Resolutions.  If you claim that you don’t, you’re lying to me and yourself.  Don’t lie to Rebecca, I’m all knowing!  I have a list of wide ranging goals that I’m hoping to achieve in the new year, from getting my articles done in a timely fashion (which seems highly unlikely) to attempting to convince my friends that The Boondocks cartoon on Adult Swim is awesome (even less likely).
I’m sure that many of you would like to add devoting time to charitable works, but if you’re like me the response is, who has the time?  What if I told you that playing a free online vocabulary game could help feed those in need?
It’s true; visit http://www.freerice.com/ to play and help.  If instead of playing computer solitaire when bored at work, we all opted to play this, not only would we be helping others, but also our vocabulary will kick butt!
Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!  Remember, if you’re going to be drinking, either designate a driver or call for a taxi. 
Talk to you all next year!

The Worst Familiar Ever: The Ilomba

Article by Rebecca
Image by Will Hobbs (www.sirwilliamwesley.com)

Last month we discussed the symbolism of the snake, this month we will be talking about a very scary water snake known as the ilomba. Some sources say it’s an actual snake, others imply that it is a spirit that takes the form of a snake. Either way, in my opinion, just say no to the ilomba.

Since forever, in fantasy novels you’ll hear about sorcerers, wizards, or witches with their familiars. I even have met some Wiccans and Pagans that have pets that they have developed a special spiritual bond with, but I have never heard of anything like the ilomba before now.

It is most notably present in the folklore of the Lozi of Zambia, but certain texts discuss similar creatures in other parts of Africa. A witchdoctor will create or summon the ilomba. As time progresses it begins to appear as more than a normal snake as it takes on the features of its creator/owner. It’s mentioned that sometimes it appears to be a normal snake to people, but to its victim it looks like the magic user that controls it. Of course what the victim never suspects is that in truth, the ilomba controls its creator.

Once summoned or created, the ilomba begins to grow. Soon, it begins to crave blood and if you do not supply it with victims, it will get its fix from the one who summoned it. At first, it may be satisfied with babies, but eventually it craves more blood and only a full grown adult will do. Many say that at its full potency the ilomba doesn’t just feed on blood, but on the very soul of its victim.

Sounds like the perfect fix for noisy neighbors or annoying classmates, right? Well, don’t go getting an ilomba just yet. Not only will the ilomba turn on you if denied blood from other sources, but also the creator is so connected with it that if the ilomba is killed, its master will die soon after. In my personal risk verse reward scenario, the ilomba, although being wickedly cool, is just not worth the risk.

Magical Buffet Mythology: Rangi and Papa

Article by Rebecca
Image by Will Hobbs (www.sirwilliamwesley.com)

Now, I generally shun theme issues, but this issue is creation heavy…but hey, it’s not a holiday issue. I can’t help it, I’ve been inspired by the romance of creation. Sure, in the Judeo-Christian tradition God just created everything. Bam! A horse! Pow! A tree! Sure, that’s impressive, but not nearly as romantic as the creation tales of other religions and cultures. For instance, Rangi and Papa.

Rangi is the sky father and Papa the earth mother to the Maori. Like passionate lovers, they were joined together in an embrace in the dark void. The denizens of the void, which some say were the children of Rangi and Papa, were determined to separate Rangi and Papa to create light and darkness, even if it would kill the pair. Many attempted to force them apart but failed. Finally, Tane, god of the forests, managed to separate them, and in doing so found the human race.

Now Rangi is stuck in the sky and Papa bound to our earth. Some versions talk about Rangi taking other wives, but here’s my favorite version. Rangi and Papa, eternally separated yearn for each other to this day. Rangi’s tears are rain falling from the sky to let Papa know how he misses her. Papa will heave and pull herself apart to try to reach Rangi. That’s far more romantic than just zapping the earth and sky into existence, wouldn’t you agree?

Product Profile: Buddha Board

Buddha Board
Buddha Board is based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind – ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly and will last for years with proper care. Allow yourself to ‘let go’ and not be concerned with each outcome – live for the moment and enjoy!


Ten Questions with Rose Rosetree

1. Congratulations on your new book, Cut Cords of Attachment: How to Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality. What made you decide to write it?
Since 1986, I have been cutting cords of attachment for clients, as part of my work with Energy Spirituality. Although the idea of cutting cords has become increasingly popular in certain circles, skill is often lacking. This is my polite understatement.

Really pathetic stories have come to me from clients, like “I have to keep cutting that cord to my mother” as though this were some kind of New Age manicure technique. Actually, I share some of the wilder stories like this in the first chapter, the one about quality control. Of course it’s appealing to cut cords, once you know what this can do for a person, but I believe it’s important to get skills.

Writing a book always teaches me a lot, as I move in the flow. In this book, the surprises for me include explaining how to read as many as 50 different databanks of information in every chakra you investigate, and a truly informative technique for reading auras through body parts like your butt. Preview the book here

2. What are cords of attachment exactly?
When you have an important relationship with someone, like a parent or lover, toxic energy patterns can be encoded. Usually these will last for the rest of your life, even if you don’t have contact any more, or the other person “dies.”

To do a quality job of cutting cords, so the healing is permanent, part of the job involves validating that pattern within a cord. Last night I did a phone session (most of my sessions are phoners) where the client’s cord to her mother included these patterns:

“You’re wrong to express yourself. I know what you should say, as my daughter. I’m not interested in hearing anything else.”
“No man will ever want you if you act the way you do.”
“So… my job as your daughter is to anticipate your every mood.”
Imagine the impact of having patterns like these circulate through your subconscious mind 24/7.

That’s exactly what cords do, unless they can be removed. I have had clients tell me they struggled for years, sometimes decades, “working on their issues,” until healing came through the simple act of cutting a cord.

3. What exactly does cutting cords do for a person?
Cutting cords helps you to be yourself without the distortion of toxic energy flows with other people. Subconsciously, you could be getting a ton of somebody else’s anger. Or the person on the other end of your cord could be draining your sexual energy. There are many revolting possibilities. But the good part is that cords like these can be removed, freeing you up.

The method I developed, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment™, permanently stops these toxic energy flows without hurting the other person in any way.

One of my favorite examples is what happened with K., who had been sexually abused as a girl. She didn’t want to be a victim. She went through loads of therapy and did everything else she could in order to stop having that old memory dominate her life. Nothing worked until—well, you guessed it.

What I’d say is that all the psychological work she had done brought insight, but essentially it only could help her to repackage the distress. Cutting the cord stopped the old energy pattern from repeating within her. Cords are real structures, on the level of someone’s aura. Removing them is a form of psychic-level surgery.

And you might be amazed how big a difference it makes, stopping that kind of toxic flow. We keep the spiritual ties of unconditional love, of course. Cords of attachment are completely separate, and it’s a privilege to help remove them.

4. Tell us about Energy Spirituality. Why haven’t I heard that term before?
You’re being kind, Rebecca. You know I invented the term, right? It flowed out of the same energy as writing Cut Cords of Attachment. Healing at the level of chi, or aura, or life force energy—that is a really 21st century approach to holistic healing. Today the average spiritual seeker has deeper perception than was available previously. Even though it doesn’t always seem that way, humankind is evolving!

While there have always been holistic forms of healing, they haven’t necessarily required consciously paying attention with really deep perception. But consider some relatively recent energy-healing modalities:

Energy Medicine, a term developed by my friend Donna Eden, has the physical body as the point of entry for healing. Examples are her techniques, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Bio-Energetics.
Energy Psychology, a term developed by Gary Craig and David Feinstein, involves using the mind as the point of entry for healing. Emotional Freedom Technique is the most famous form of Energy Psychology. Other examples are EMDR, Holographic Repatterning, Past-Life Regression Therapy.
By contrast, Energy Spirituality has the aura as the point of entry for healing.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if many readers of Magical Buffet are involved in some form of energy transformation work, and I’d be interested in whether you would define it in terms of one of these three forms of energy transformation.

5. Now, are you psychic, or are these learned skills, or both?
I consider myself a spiritual teacher rather than a psychic. Deeper perception, with face reading, aura reading, empathic merges (all the various techniques I teach and write books about)—they aren’t really flashy. Instead, they work just like holding up a magnifying glass to reality. So anyone can learn to do any of them.

Now, some people do have ultra-strong psychic abilities, and if that is part of your gift set, by reading my books, you would become a psychic face reader, psychic aura reader, psychic empath.

The whole idea of “learned skills” is very interesting to me, Rebecca. One of my biggest discoveries in the metaphysical area involves how everybody has a distinctive “gift set” for perception. This is in contrast to a “skill set” that you can learn.

A big problem with how aura reading is usually taught is that most experts assume that the only gift set worth having is their particular kind of clairvoyance. So students are taught to practice skills that relate to using this ability. Well most people don’t have that particular gift. No wonder, then, that trying this approach to aura reading brings very limited success!

In Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, I describe 12 different gifts, only one of which is universal. Then I supply loads of techniques to match them, so that people can develop the learned skills that really work. I spent 6 ½ years writing that book, and a lot of that time I was refining my counter-culture discoveries about gift sets.

In Cut Cords of Attachment, I took that concept further and explained more clearly than before what gift sets are, the unfortunate myths surrounding them, and how to appreciate and use what you’ve got. It is so important to honor what the Goddess gave you!

6. Stephen Colbert talked about/poked fun at you on “The Colbert Report”. How cool was that?
I just loved it. I’ve saved the link

Also, if you email me (rose@rose-rosetree.com.), I can send you the original readings I did of him and Jon Stewart for the Chicago Sun-Times.

7. In November you will be traveling to Japan to do workshops. How did this trip come about?
It was a natural follow-up to my teaching trips there #1-4. VOICE is a seminar company that sponsors Western teachers to give seminars. Japanese students have a real affinity for the kind of work I do and, in fact, Empowered by Empathy has been published in a Japanese edition.

Going to Japan for the fifth time this November, I’ll be teaching in Osaka for a week, as well as three weeks in Tokyo. Big honor!

Teaching there, and doing sessions (always with an interpreter provided by VOICE), I feel both a great affinity to the Japanese sensibility and my utter, enormous ignorance about Japanese society, language, etc. Here’s just one example. In one of my workshops, I needed an analogy to a concept, so I talked about how you might wet a washcloth and wipe your face with that.

Well, what I didn’t learn until later was that it’s common for Japanese people to carry around a personal washcloth. But it isn’t for face washing. It’s because you can’t always count on toilet paper.

BTW, in Japan they have three different types of toilet: A hole in the ground kind of setup, good for exercising one’s squat muscles; the kind of toilet you have in your home; and super-high tech toilets with buttons to warm the seat, squirt various parts of your bottom, etc. These are hysterically funny, kind of an amusement park for hindquarters. And the only thing funnier about them is imagining what it was like to be involved in the research, bringing the product to market.

8. What is one thing that you wish everybody, everywhere knew?
Besides the three kinds of Japanese toilets? How to honor your personal gift set for deeper perception.

By “honor,” I mean find out which gifts you’ve got and then find ways to use them to read people deeper. Miracles can result. Joy certainly does.

9. What is “Deeper Perception Made Practical”?
Thank you, thank you, Rebecca for mentioning the name of my blog, which is at www.rose-rosetree.com/blog. This is my way to interact with people who have questions, cool stories and wisdom to share. On the blog, I do short face readings or aura readings of people in the news, or sometimes empathic merges. Plus, I have started writing quizzes for the first time. I think they’re enormously funny, like the one I posted yesterday “Read My (Upper) Cheeks.” Let me know what you think!

10. Parting shot! Ask us here at The Magical Buffet any one question?
What story can you share about how you read life deeper?

I don’t really feel I have a story to share here. I don’t know if I really read life deeper. I made the realization that people really are all the same, which is what led me to creating The Magical Buffet, and to meeting the varied group of individuals that I proudly call my friends.

About Rose Rosetree
Rose offers Aura Reading Intensives, using her distinctive method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses™. She has over 100,000 books in print, including “The Power of Face Reading,” and “Empowered by Empathy.” One title has become a bestseller in Germany; in America, two were selections of One Spirit Book Club.

At Rose Rosetree’s website, you’ll also find free articles, FAQ’s, and practical ways to use Deeper Perception to make life better. Sign up for “Read Life Deeper,” her free monthly zine with face and aura readings of people in the news, at www.rose-rosetree.com.

You can order Rose’s books at www.rose-rosetree.com. or call toll-free 800-345-6665. To arrange an interview or an appointment for a personal session, call 703-450-9514 or email mitch@rose-rosetree.com.

Profile: Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

Text provided by Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

The Northern New York Paranormal Research Society (NNYPRS) was founded in 2001 to provide assistance to people experiencing paranormal activity. NNYPRS will investigate all claims of paranormal activity, from hauntings to UFO sightings to cryptozoological claims. With a combined 60 + years of experience researching all facets of the metaphysical world, NNYPRS is a team of professionals that work with their clients until they are satisfied. NNYPRS does not charge for their work, however, donations are graciously accepted.

In 2001, Merrill McKee, President and co-founder met Dale, Vice-President and co-founder began talking about the need for a team in Northern New York who could help people who were troubled by the seemingly paranormal activities in their homes. In May, they found a couple of friends that were also interested, and formed NNYPRS. Soon after, Merrill met Dave Zirpoli, from Albany . NY, who seemed very interested in joining the team, even though he lived three hours away. After 2 years of joining Merrill and Dale for investigations, as well as finding places in the Albany area to research, Dave was promoted to Capitol Region Team Leader, and a second team was formed based out of Albany, NY. From that point forward, although membership has been ever changing, these 3 individuals have led NNYPRS to a 20 person Investigative team, on numerous investigations, and in gathering a plethora of paranormal data.

What sets NNYPRS apart from most paranormal investigative groups out there is their 2 sided approach to investigations. Many groups only use scientific tools and methods, while others only take a metaphysical approach to the research. NNYPRS marries both sides in a way no other team has been able to do. All investigations are conducted with an open mind and no preconceived notions on whether or not the activity is or isn’t really happening. Because of this, NNYPRS is able to look at all data collected objectively, which enables them to determine if there are natural or supernatural explanations.

Confidentiality is one of NNYPRS highest priorities. All of our clients names, addresses, etc. will be protected and not used in any publications or media releases without their permission. NNYPRS will not come to your home with three large vans with our logos and names painted on the side. Neighbors will believe you are just having some regular company.

NNYPRS performs all of it’s investigations free of charge. The vast majority of our equipment has been paid for my our member’s monthly dues. Donations are accepted and most clients are more than happy to donate to us once we are finished with our investigation. As of right now, NNYPRS is in need of approximately $7000.00 worth of major and minor equipment. Most investigations we perform cost significantly more than the donation given. So, obviously any public donations are very greatly appreciated.

For people who have had odd experiences and have no one to talk to, NNYPRS is there. To contact the team, you can go to their website at http://www.nnyprs.com or by e-mail at mailbag@nnyprs.com. Finally, you can call Merrill at (518) 651-4315.

Sometimes a Con IS Magical

Okay, so it wasn’t actually magic, but sometimes, in my opinion, a quality con is simply magical.  This is the case with my magician of the day, Rotina Mavhunga of Zimbabwe.  According to an article at allafrica.com, “The Financial Gazette reported last month that the government had squandered $5 billion worth of taxpayers’ money and given away a farm to a pseudo medium, Rotina Mavhunga, after she claimed she could extract diesel from a rock by just pointing her magical stick at it.”  I guess no one in President Magabe’s Cabinet could persuade him that diesel is extracted from crude oil through a purification process, and that it seemed highly unlikely that Rotina could not only get crude oil, but purify it too.  Also, the concept of paying after getting results seems to have alluded them all as well.
Now Zimbabwe is preparing to haul Rotina into court for pulling one over on the government.  My question is, who is punishing the government for being this dense?  I think in all fairness, Rotina should give back the money, etc., not be punished and everyone walks away.  You don’t take Rotina to court, you don’t have to admit that you fell under her spell.

Freeze! It’s the Vice Squad! Part 2: The Rap Edition

Recently we discussed Iran’s new, improved, and super charged vice squad.  It appeared, at first glance, it was more about fashion than morality, with the targeting of those racy Iranian women who wore make-up or showed off some hot ankle.  Now Iran is learning what pop culture junkies here in America have known forever, fashion and music go hand in hand.  So while those feisty ladies have been rebelling in fitted jackets, the disenfranchised male youth of Tehran have turned to a musical culture founded on the struggle of impoverished youth battling against authority…that’s right, hip hop.
The use of profanity has made rap music the latest cultural endeavor to end up in Iran’s vice police cross hairs.  As those of us “old school” rap fans here in America know, sure, the swears words concern Iran, but the anti-authority, revolution inspiring themes, are what is really causing the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry to crackdown on the genre.  According to Mohammad Dashtgoli, the official for music at the Ministry, as quoted in a Breitbart.com article, “Illegal studios producing this type of music will be sealed and the singers in the genre will be confronted.”  He also states that “a large number of illegal rap singers have been already identified.”
Can you imagine an America where Public Enemy not only had to struggle with the conditions of their communities, but also with the sticky wicket of getting arrested for expressing their concerns musically?  “Fight the Power” indeed.  I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if N.W.A. released their classic track “F*** the Police” in Iran.  But, don’t despair, just like the rap hustlers of the early 80’s discovered, there is always a way to get the music out to those who want it.  There is a brisk black market trade of rap albums in Iran.
Iran has cause for concern.  This is a symptom of a greater disease for their government.  Iran is coming down with a bad case of democracy. 
On a related, but unrelated note.  To the American public:  Let musicians express themselves however they want to in their music.  You don’t like an artist’s language or message, don’t buy their music.  If I ever, ever, hear another round of politicians suggesting that there must be a way to quasi legislate an answer to the fact that rappers use the n word and call women hos I will be forced to take drastic action.  In an effort to not incriminate myself, I will just say that it will probably involve Al Sharpton and a pair of hair shears.