A Very Tequila Thanksgiving

Every family has their own Thanksgiving tradition.  For instance, when I was younger, my family would drive to a town about a half hour away to the Holiday Inn where we would spend our Thanksgiving swimming in a heated indoor pool and having Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant.  I’ve found that some people think that’s odd, but if you want the most relaxing Thanksgiving ever, try our family’s tradition.  Now that I’m older and no longer live at home, the tradition has changed, but we still occasionally all go out for dinner on Thanksgiving.
That leads me to this find.  If you’re looking for an interesting Thanksgiving experience, I’d like to suggest a trip to the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa.  They’re offering a “Pueblo-Style” Thanksgiving.  The package includes,
overnight accommodations, $25 resort credit, two cocktails in the Rio Grande Lounge, 10% discount coupon for the Galleria Tamaya, participation in the resort’s complimentary holiday activities (Football Lounge, carriage rides, holiday movie, Traditional Pueblo dancing, bread baking and flute playing, $20 in free slot play at the nearby Santa Ana Star Casino).  Some other activities are a Thanksgiving brunch in Santa Ana Café and Corn Maiden and tequila and wine tasting.  Nothing says Thanksgiving to me like the opportunity to attend a tequila tasting! 
Seems like an odd way to spend Thanksgiving?  Maybe to you, but trust me, people will be there drinking their tequila and enjoying Pueblo dancing.  In the times we live in, I think we need to evaluate what traditions actually mean and how they’re celebrated.  Does Thanksgiving mean a house full of people, hours of cooking, and watching the game?  Or does it mean tequila tastings and Pueblo bread baking?  Is there really a right or wrong answer to the question of how to celebrate Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter?  Personally, I don’t think so.