Every family has their own Thanksgiving tradition.  For instance, when I was younger, my family would drive to a town about a half hour away to the Holiday Inn where we would spend our Thanksgiving swimming in a heated indoor pool and having Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant.  I’ve found that some people think that’s […]

In case you didn’t think the world of ceremonial magic was a complex tapestry, “The Thoth Companion” is here to set you straight.  Every tarot deck deserves contemplation, a careful study of its symbolism and associations.  However, when the rich world of tarot collides with the complex world of ceremonial magic, as it does in […]

This is one of those blogs that requires very little from me.  Let me just say this, I haven’t seen a Morman man this attractive since "Angels in America", and let’s face it he was fictional!  Please notice that I’m being totally tasteful and refraining from any missionary jokes. I present to you, Mormons Exposed.  […]

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