Well, it’s been a year, and we’ve discussed loads of demons and critters here, but this one may be a first. A creature, a race more specifically, that actually helped shape a society’s skills. This month we’re talking about the patupairehe and how they helped the Maori of New Zealand.

Good morning sunshine! This month we’re talking about Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun, agriculture, peace, and order. You are the sunshine of my life is more than just the lyrics to a song when spoken in reference to Amaterasu. When Amaterasu isn’t out, the sun isn’t out. No sun is bad. Right?

In thousands of cultures, in millions of different iterations, the protective charm exists. If you recall, we touched briefly on how the pentagram is one when it is turned into a Seal of Solomon. Like how I referenced a previous article? Yeah, I’m slick like that. This month we’re talking to the hand, the Hand of Fatima or Hamesh Hand that is.

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