Bad dreams, everybody has them. Sometimes they stick with you throughout the day, making it hard to concentrate. Like the first slumber party I went to and some genius suggested that we watch “Poltergeist”. Nightmares are a common occurrence and their effects are universal. It is no wonder that in Japan and China bad dream equals bad luck for the dreamer. Fortunately, they know what to do to prevent this. Call on the baku.

Attempting to discuss Set can be a tricky endeavor. Like all deities, he has had a long and varied existence, and those darn Egyptians were so fond of writing about their gods that the stories are long and the inferences are many. So, bear with me as I take a stab at talking about Set.

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Behold my friends, the power of three. For some reason it always comes down to three. Bad things supposedly come in threes; for me it’s more like tens. Wiccans observe the rule of three, mind the threefold law ye should, three times bad and three times good. The influence of three can even be felt in the symbolic life of the lily. Welcome to The Magical Buffet, the fleur-de-lys.

Part 2 of the great introduction to Hinduism.

We all hear about horrible things being done to people for no reason other than they’re different from other people. Vandalism, threats, and most horribly violence. It’s a terrible truth of human nature, people tend to fear what they don’t understand, and fear can cause people to uncharacteristically terrible things. I read the news online, I watch national and international news shows; these stories are not new to me. What’s new to me is when it happens in my own backyard.

Summer “Wiccan festival” in Floyd County a hoax WDBJ7 proclaims. The article they ran was so small I can actually type it all in here. So here is the story:

On Friday April 27, 2007 news sources started reporting that Philadelphia police were alerted to a 30 year old law banning fortune-for “gain or lucre”. The exact damning phrase is “A person who pretends for gain or lucre to tell fortunes or predict future events by cards, tokens, the inspection of the head or hands of any person.”