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I have thumbed through my share of books on religions and occult practices. I have seen easily hundreds, if not thousands, of different symbols. Some are simple in design, but profound in meaning and depth, like the swastika that we discussed last month. Others are ornate and filled with detail helping mortal man comprehend larger ideas, like the Wheel of Life. Nothing prepared me for the first time I saw a veve. My husband was helping me do an Internet search one day, and peering over his shoulder I stopped in my tracks, “What is that?” I asked him. He scrolled down the page and said, “A veve.”

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My whole problem can be blamed on two things. One, “The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures” by John and Caitlin Matthews, and two, those aardvarks are cute little devils. Care for me to expand on this? Here we go.

Sure their cuisine is tasty, and their language is incredibly pleasant to the ears (that may just be to me, but oh well), but deity wise what does Italy have to offer us? They have a feisty mystical meatball of healing magic named Angitia! I promise, that’s the only Italian food thing I will use!

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Just what the title says, part one of an introduction to Hinduism.