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A beautiful young maiden, forlorn, jumps into the Rhine to meet her death. Now a beautiful women lures men to their deaths in that location. It is the stuff of urban legends, it’s the stuff of fairy tales, it’s Lorelei.

Did the people of Carthage sacrifice babies to Tanit? Is that really all there is to the Patron deity of Carthage? An online search says, “Yes, it really is.” To that I say, in my best Fozzie the Bear voice, “For shame.”

Take a moment to learn about the Grey School of Wizardry.

Yes, it is true; the swastika is going to be forever etched in most people’s minds as a symbol of the Nazi movement. It is a true tragedy considering how much this symbol has to offer humanity. Before the swastika was hijacked by Hitler to become the Hakenkreuz (hooked cross) it was living a peaceful life providing luck and good fortune to millions of people. This may seem awkward to say, but join me in opening your hearts to the swastika.

I recently visited my friends at The Holistic Studies Institute in Albany, NY for an evening workshop about Kirlian photography. As usual, everyone there was fantastic and an absolute joy to be with, but that night was about their special guest, Al Hulstrunk and his Kirlian device.

10 questions with Shira Tarantino, founder of Handfastings.org.