Author Richmond West gives us an abbreviated look at his book “Your Yesterday is my Tomorrow.”

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Like all truly kick butt creatures of legend the tengu has a huge list of stories and associations, but unfortunately, one may never truly learn the fact from fiction about this complex creature. Most believe the tengu began its existence in China as the t’ienkou or tianguo, an entire class of demons who are remarkably similar to the Japanese tengu. So how did the Chinese tianguo end up in Japan as the tengu? The very people the tengu enjoyed tormenting carried it there.

He is the God of all Craftsmen, particularly those who work in metals, a sometimes God of Fire and Volcanoes. He also was an exiled child who became a disgruntled and disfigured adult. Then he went on to construct the most important items in all of creation. When you talk about overcoming handicaps to achieve great things, look no further then Hephaestus.

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The Beginning and End of Things is a Number.

Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont answers 10 questions about yoga.

“The people at the Holistic Studies Institute were incredibly friendly and a lot of fun. They hold weekly séances (Fridays at 8:30 pm and Sundays at 6:00 pm) and I have every intention of visiting them for one of those sooner rather than later.” – Rebecca “A Moveable Feast: HSI” 10/02/06