Many creatures of folklore embody a balance of good and evil. For instance, the Domovoi that we discussed in issue one would help around the house, but if you ticked him off, he might kill you while you slept. See, good and evil, I am not going to give you the percentages (30% good, 70% evil). It is why I’m fascinated with the Nuckelavee; it’s bad to the bone! Moreover, since it’s skinless you can really tell!

How are alchemy, astrology, magic, and numerology related to Jewish mysticism? The fabulous, miraculous, and mysterious are all explored in this comprehensive reference to Jewish esotericism-the first of its kind!

There are times when, if you’re like me, you look for examples of faith and piety, perhaps someone to inspire you, to teach you the power of devotion. It’s times like that when I think of a particular monkey, and no, it’s not “Monkey” from Dexter’s Laboratory, although he does kick butt! I’m talking about the Hindu God Hanuman.

10 Questions with Merill McKee, President of the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society.

Learn about The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids.

There are many different kinds of wheels, but this month we’re going to be talking about the Wheel of Life, big with the Tibetan Buddhists. A wheel that itself has many different names: Wheel of Existence, Wheel of Rebirth, Wheel of Samsara, Wheel of Suffering, Wheel of Transformation, and I’m sure there are more. What is this particular wheel? What makes it different than, I don’t know, the one on a BMX bike per se? Well this wheel helps you find enlightenment. Do you know of any other wheels that do that?

Rev. Sheri Kozdron offers us Angel Communication 101.

Rebecca discusses being a guest on the Lou Gentile Show.