10 questions with James Maerten, founder of the Avalon Center for Druidic Studies.

Known for its power and grace it is no wonder that a manufacturer of luxury cars would chose the jaguar as its emblem. Unfortunately for you motoring enthusiasts this month’s (note: this is back when we were doing a monthly format) column is not about the cars but about the animal. We’re going to discuss the jaguar as a symbol.

David Pitkin, author of “Ghosts of the Northeast”, shares with us the art of telling a ghost story.

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Want a little help around the house? Why not try attracting one of these little guys? The worst that could happen is only death! Seriously, this month we are discussing the Domovoi, the helpful little house spirits found primarily in Slavic folklore.

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Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt, the wild, the moon, and childbirth. The later originating from the fact that Artemis assisted her mother Leto in the birthing of her brother Apollo, which took place immediately following Artemis’ own birth. Most women aren’t able to do much of anything following their own birth aside from wriggling, squirming, and crying, let alone assist their mother in the birth of their twin! But it is the wild that Artemis is generally associated with. She is known as a wild woman and gifted hunter. Also, like the teen pop stars of our era, she gets a lot of press over her virginity. Unlike our pop music teeney boppers Artemis kept her virginity! (Oh yeah, I went there!)

The Magical Buffet takes their show on the road to meet the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society.