Placebo “Meds”

Contemporary wisdom states that one should not buy an entire album for one song. When I can get a song for 99 cents on iTunes, why take the risk? Let me tell you, sometimes the risk pays off.

I recently purchased the new cd Meds by Placebo. Their single Infra Red has been getting some radio (yes, I listen to an honest to goodness radio station, WEQX, one of the last great independent stations) air play and it’s got this awesome bridge that just echoed in my mind until I abandoned all reason and bought the whole album just to relieve the pressure on my brain. What a fantastic album!

It’s a straight-ahead rock album that has been anointed in the sacred oils of the 80’s New Wave/Goth movement. Unlike many new artists that make their career out of waving the 80’s banner (The Bravery and The Killers coming to mind first), Placebo’s album is honestly influenced but not dictated by the likes of Modern English and New Order. When listening to the album visions of beautiful boys with heavy black eyeliner dance in the back of your mind. If you’re of a similar mind as myself, you might feel tempted to break out the Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club dance…and I mean that as a the highest of compliments.

Enough with the tone or mood, what is the album like? Great. The opening track is a driving pulsing rock tune called Meds which leads straight into Infra Red with its awesome bridge “Someone call the ambulance, there’s going to be an accident”. There is the fabulous Because I Want You, a great dark meets pop sensibility. The haunting 80’s echo in Follow the Cops Back Home resonates in the listener’s mind. Let me just say that this album displays a mastery of the bridge. The bridge is the part of the song that leads into the chorus. Every song has the best damn bridge! Overall, it is an enjoyable album from beginning to end. Not a single track that I feel obligated to skip and I have been playing the album from track one to thirteen for 72 hours straight at this point!

Check out the music video below to hear the track that caused my obsession!

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