It’s here, one of my favorite events, Banned Books Week!

It’s Banned Books Week again! This year the focus is on Young Adult books. So what books are corrupting the mind’s of today’s youth?

In 2012 a Pew Research study showed that one-fifth of the U.S. public identified themselves as unaffiliated with any religion. Larry King discusses this with a diverse round table of guests.

Banned Books Week is back again! Let’s celebrate our freedom to read what we want! And this year there is a focus on reading graphic novels, and Rebecca loves her comics!

Today is the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week AND the 5th anniversary of us celebrating it on The Magical Buffet! We’ll be talking about a great event and a classic close to my heart.

What do “The Hunger Games”, “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl”, and “Bone” have in common? All of them were challenged and/or banned this past year. That’s right, another Banned Books Week is here! Click on in to learn about Banned Books Week and see this year’s list of challenged and/or banned books!

Yes, I totally dropped the ball on Banned Books Week 2010. However, I have crafted this happy belated Banned Books Week article where I let every one in on what they missed and put in my two cents on book burning.

This week celebrate the freedom to read!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in the United States), a time where traditionally I gush about how thankful I am for the support and enthusiasm of Magical Buffet readers. Which I truly am, but today I’d like to say this, “I am thankful to be an American.”

It’s true. I love this country. No other country gives its citizens the freedoms that America does. Just look through my website, it’s littered with posts about people in other countries suffering because they don’t have the freedoms we have here in America. In my opinion, our Founding Fathers were freakin’ geniuses for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And as a proud American, I get concerned when I learn that the government is trying to infringe on those freedoms or worse succeeding at it.

This leads to something else I’m thankful for, that there are people willing to help myself and my readers learn more. Take the time to read my interview with Lawrence G. Walters, First Amendment Lawyer extraordinaire.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! I’ll talk to you after the weekend!

Today is my Uncle’s birthday, and he’s not feeling well, so let’s all say “Happy Birthday and feel better soon!” Now he can cringe as I go from warm birthday wishes to what this blog is about, the National Action Network’s Decency Awards, which is an extension of their Decency Initiative. For those of you who think you’re unfamiliar with the NAN, does this name ring a bell? Reverend Al Sharpton. Yes, this is his organization.

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