When Oprah emails, who am I to not share?

In the wake of the Women’s Marches, activists have announced a major “People’s Climate March”.

Guess who is finally back? Granted, my ass is dragging and my head is aching, but that’s a whole other post. For now I’m back and I bring you beer! That’s right, I went to Glens Falls Brewfest 2016!

It’s October and that means it’s time to Think Before You Pink! This year it’s time to say, “Poison isn’t pretty!”

It’s October, which means many things, but for most of you it means Halloween is coming! Excited? The folks at MorphCostumes were nice enough to put together some fun facts to help us all get into the spirit. (Spirit, get it?)

It’s Banned Books Week again! This year the focus is on Young Adult books. So what books are corrupting the mind’s of today’s youth?

Did you know that Saturday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? It’s not too late to make plans!

Inner Traditions celebrates 40 years of independent publishing! When you see what I’m doing to celebrate, you’ll feel like celebrating too.

Seriously, how would you like a spell a day? Click on in to find out how.

It was a near thing, but a year can’t end without me listing off my favorite things!

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