Deborah Blake, author of “The Goddess is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch” and the forthcoming “Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook”, shares her thoughts on the Rede.

Thuri Calafia, author of “DEDICANT: A Witch’s Circle of Fire”, shares her thoughts on the Rede.

My friend Bev shares her thoughts on The Wiccan Rede.

The Wiccan Rede, an ethical tenet or basic spiritual principle of Wiccans, came about logically as a means to put into brief context Wiccans’ thoughts and feelings about our moral values and natural way of life. Although the origins of the Wiccan Rede are debatable, the most well known version is the one stated by author and Wiccan High Priestess Doreen Valiente, grandmother to a number of Wiccan traditions, back in the 1960s:

“An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

Lisa Mc Sherry, author of “The Virtual Pagan” and “Magickal Connections”, shares her thoughts on the Wiccan Rede.

I hope so far everyone has been enjoying The Wiccan Rede Project here at The Magical Buffet. Not to toot my own horn, but thus far, we have had an impressive bunch share their thoughts on the Rede: Raven Digitalis, Lady Passion, and Kerr Cuhulain. All leaders of their communities and published authors.

My hope has been to approach the Rede as a religious text to be studied and debated. It’s with that thought in mind that I realized although interesting to hear what respected well known individuals have to say, that it would be important to also hear what an average Pagan thought about the Rede. Someone that has nothing to lose, gain, or prove by offering their honest reflections on the Rede. And that’s when I emailed two friends of mine that have no books published, or in the works, and are not religious leaders.

What follows are the thoughts of one of those friends.

Kerr Cuhulain: police veteran, Wiccan activist, author of many books including “Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca” and “Full Contact Magick”, and former Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon shares his thoughts about the Wiccan Rede.

Lady Passion, High Priestess of Coven Oldenwilde and co-author of “The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells of Modern Problems”, shares her thoughts on the Wiccan Rede.

Author Raven Digitalis shares his thoughts about The Wiccan Rede.

As the New Year was approaching, I of course turned my eye towards what kind of content The Magical Buffet could offer its readers in the New Year. I knew I wanted to find a new and interesting way to talk about Wiccans and Witchcraft practioners. I wanted to have a real discussion about the nature of belief and the differences of perspective of its adherents. When discussing other faiths often times publishers, interviewers, etc. compare differing interpretations of religious texts. Of course, as many of you know, there is no one definitive religious text for Wiccans. The faith is so eclectic and adaptable that you can ask 10 Wiccans what is the defining text for their faith and you will get about 20 different answers. Ask me how I know. Then it hit me, there is the Rede.