Today’s review is a must read for any woman who considers herself a witch and/or part of “the resistance” we’re seeing today.

Witches and wizards in a book, oh my!

Learn about a cool book, and maybe even win a copy of it.

This book has been out for over a year. Over a year! I even read it as soon as it came out, and yet it has taken all this time to share my thoughts on it.

Is it “the only book you’ll ever need”?

Two Sandra Kynes book reviews for the price of one! Let’s all keep in mind it’s free to subscribe…..

Rejoice tarot lovers! A new classic is out in the wild and available for purchase now! I’m talking about “Everyday Witch Tarot” by Deborah Blake with art by Elisabeth Alba.

Looking for an eclectic coloring book experience? Then check this out!

Did you know that Icelandic magic is fascinating? Here’s how I found out that it is!

Author Sandra Kynes is back with all the magic of the stars. And I toss in an almost entirely unrelated contest.

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