A beautiful book. Take a look. (Ack! I rhymed!)

Interested in people? Nosy like me? Check this out.

Classic artwork and plant folklore collide with beautiful results.

“Bowls of Happiness” is wonderful little book that entertains with its whimsical art and story, and it also teaches about ancient Chinese bowls.

Looking for an eclectic coloring book experience? Then check this out!

You may not have heard of Indra Sharma, but it is unlikely, regardless of where you live, that you haven’t seen his work.

See my pretty coloring. Put it on your refrigerator.

Two Magi traveled a great distance to reunite with their third. Click in to learn where they’re meeting.

Rebecca Webb Wilson crafts a book of seasonal photography and wisdom to provide insight to the seasons of our lives.

JB Sanders has got an action packed “Geek Month in Review” for you! Hope you like “Lord of the Rings”, touchable holograms, and “Alien” fonts and symbols!

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